The Kusnacht Practice Launches New Ladies Retreat


A unique BIO-R®, Health, Beauty, Rejuvenate and Longevity programme

The Kusnacht Practice, the world’s most exclusive treatment centre, is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new Ladies Retreat – inviting women to detox, reshape and revitalise with friends in the epitome of luxury – with each group staying in their own beautiful private villa, on the banks of Lake Zurich or in Geneva.

Depending on individual goals, the Ladies Retreat can help with a range of issues such as weight management, muscle strengthening and improved sleep whilst sharpening cognitive capabilities and extending physical and mental health span.

It can be particularly effective during critical life stages such as menopause, the transition from work life to retirement, work related stress and burnout. The recommended length of stay is a minimum of 2 weeks, but the duration can be adjusted to suit individual’s needs and goals.

The Kusnacht Practice’s unique BIO-R® programme underpins the new Ladies Retreat programme by focusing on recalibrating the body, mind and energy through treatments that are grounded in science, The body’s biochemistry for optimal health.

Biochemistry determines physical and emotional well-being, energy, vibrancy, emotions, physical health and our longevity. When the equilibrium is lost, imbalances can lead to a whole host of problems such as exhaustion, insomnia, weight fluctuations and emotional problems such as anxiety and depressive feelings, to name but a few.

Dr Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo, Director of Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®) at The Kusnacht Practice says, “Though our standard practice is to treat clients on an individual basis, we believe that our new Ladies Retreat benefit those struggling with personal challenges through the group setup, where certain sessions such as Meditation or Yoga can be done together – and good moments of joy shared. In our experience women draw huge strength from time spent with girlfriends and truly value the opportunity to share mutual dilemmas.”

Undergoing BIO-R® treatment can increase strength and stamina, boost sustainable weight loss, improve cognitive functions (such as memory, concentration and sharpness), detoxify the body, promote longevity and anti-aging, and reduce the risk factors for lifestyle related diseases.

On arrival at The Kusnacht Practice, each client will undertake extensive tests, including blood tests and ‘bio-hacking’ to get insight in the real status of ageing (biological age) and create a tailormade programme with goals based on individual results. These thorough tests identify everything from deficiencies to stress profiles, microbiome and hormone levels, which will enable the team to adapt personalised programmes – the from the live-in BIO-R® chef meal plans, micronutrient infusions, IHHT, ozone therapy, cryotherapy, sauna longevity regimes and derma skin treatments.

Sessions such as yoga can be done together, whilst mental strengthening, personal development and communication sessions are conducted alone. Mental strengthening treatments include weight management, sleep restoration, sharpening cognitive capabilities, physical and mental health span extension as well as body balancing activities such as mindfulness, lymph drainage and relaxation.

All treatments are executed within elegant, luxuriously appointed private villas, providing the highest standards of discretion and allowing clients to fully focus on their therapy in privacy.


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