Nespresso Partners With The Michelin Guide UAE


Nespresso is proud to be the MICHELIN Guide’s official coffee partner in the UAE, supporting both MICHELIN Guide Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

Nespresso has a well-established reputation within the fine dining industry, working in partnership with high profile chefs around the world. This year, Nespresso continues to underline its commitment to quality, consistency, and taste innovation as it partners with the MICHELIN Guide in the UAE, the world’s most prestigious gastronomy guide and a pinnacle of fine dining. The partnership is a continuation of its long-standing relationship as Official Coffee Partner in multiple destinations, including in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Thailand, and now, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Commencing the partnership at the inaugural edition of the MICHELIN Guide Dubai awards ceremony in Dubai Opera on 21st June, Nespresso continues the collaboration as the MICHELIN-starred restaurants in Abu Dhabi have been revealed and awarded during the gala dinner at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

Both Nespresso and the MICHELIN Guide have a shared passion for excellence and a philosophy of delivering truly memorable and enjoyable experiences, insisting on extraordinary craftsmanship throughout. For this purpose, a special selection of Nespresso coffees was served during the gala dinner, perfectly fitting for a fine dining experience – Exclusive Selection Nepal Lamjung especially crafted for high gastronomy, Origin PERU ORGANIC, Origin COLOMBIA ORGANIC, and Origin BRAZIL.

Each of the coffees is sourced from carefully selected areas within a single country of origin, enriched by methods of cultivation, harvesting, and processing that local farming communities swear by. The result is a sophisticated range of coffees that evoke the land and traditions of the countries in which they are grown.

Commenting on the partnership, Francisco Nogueira, Business Executive Officer – Nespresso Middle East and Africa said: “Coffee is typically the last thing customers taste before they leave a restaurant, which means the choice of coffee, how it is served and the memory it creates are incredibly important parts that contribute to customers’ perfect fine dining experience. Nespresso prides itself on high quality and sustainably sourced coffees, easy-to-maintain machines, and services to complement the exceptional fine dining experience.”

“We also teamed up with RIEDEL to develop new glass accessories to further enhance the tasting coffee experience with the REVEAL Collection and transform espresso drinking into a gourmand pleasure, a true moment of indulgence. We know all professionals and to chefs are looking for a high-quality coffee experience for their guests. We believe they should be able to find flavour, authenticity, and sustainable credentials in their coffee choices.,” Mr. Nogueira added.

In addition to a shared passion to excellence, both companies have a strong commitment to sustainability. Sustainability is at the heart of everything Nespresso does. The company believes that its business will only prosper, if the communities with which it works and the environment in which it works prosper too. Nespresso is committed to making a positive difference for farmers, business partners, consumers and the planet, while allowing businesses to offer their employees and guests the world’s finest coffee. In UAE, Nespresso plays a key role in reducing residual materials by implementing innovative recycling solutions.


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