Ibn AlBahr: Make your New Year’s Eve an affair to remember


It’s a season of festivity, sweet rendezvous, and of unforgettable, magic moments. Deepen the charm and beauty of this special time of the year with Ibn AlBahr’s Midas touch, and turn new years’ eve into an affair to remember. Say yes to a gorgeous night under the starry sky, a perfectly blissful view of the sea, the cool, sultry breeze, fireworks, and live DJ and entertainment along with exquisitely-crafted food. 

Clinch your spot for just AED 650 per person and enjoy an enriching gastronomic experience from sea to table. Sink your teeth in the likes of malai prawn, made with catch marinated with cashew nuts and then grilled to perfection, deep fried ladyfish, a simple, classic recipe that never gets old, lobster provencal, a heavenly creation grilled with butter, coriander, garlic, and lemon; spicy octopus, sauteed fresh with spicy, smoked paprika; slow-cooked cuttlefish in ink; deep fried and breaded crispy calamari, along with a variety of starters such as hummus, stuffed vine leaves, fattoush, tabbouleh, moutabal, and many other favourite classics. 

Ibn AlBahr’s New Year’s Eve menu offers everything needed for those that want to make the most of the glorious evening. For wine connoisseurs, it is a chance to immerse in a variety of whites, reds, rose, and bubbles at an additional cost. Soak in the elements of nature through the open-air, outdoor venue’s toes-in-the-sand location, and enjoy a spread like no other.


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