Financial Times Best Independent Café is now even bigger


The most anticipated revamp located in Sustainable City

Spill the Bean, a family owned, managed, and operated homegrown café has expanded, by doubling up their space to meet the demand of loyal clientele, who have been squeezing in and sharing tables during the peak hours to enjoy their brews and bites.

Run by the husband and wife duo who started Spill the Bean, you will see both founders on the shop floor, every day, with Hannad and Ola behind the espresso machine pulling shots or in the kitchen crafting healthy and clean dishes, that they proudly say is what their two kids eat too.

Located in The Sustainable City, one of the region’s most sought-after communities, Spill the Bean offers a balanced mix of laidback ambience and unpretentious design, specialty coffee minus the fuss, and wholesome treats.  In this idyllic setting, customers can dine al fresco on pallet furniture and picnic benches, or indoors in the sustainably renovated space, where concrete blocks from breaking down walls to expand the space were reused to create a funky modular coffee bar. The café has since become a haven for both busy professionals and digital nomads looking for an office for the day, and mums searching for a place to unwind and catch up with their friends after school drop offs alike. Above all, Spill the Bean is the coffee pot at the end of the rainbow for coffee lovers on the hunt for the best brews in town, with new single origin offerings every month that can be savoured in a home away from home setting, whilst relishing on an array of handcrafted vegan and healthy dishes –a true experience second to none even for an ever-evolving city like Dubai.

Recently recognized by the Financial Times as one of the best independent coffee shops in the world, with this expansive space, the outlet can now accommodate up to 50 coffee aficionados indoors, and many more outdoors, at any given time while offering a vast array of specialty coffees, nutritious food, and your favourite reads in their book exchange library, WIFI, and a playlist that’s got something for everyone.

Being true to themselves and the community, the founders have made sure that Spill the Bean was built on a foundation of eco consciousness and environmental friendliness. Plastic milk bottles and sparkling water glass bottles alike are collected and recycled; while food waste is well managed and reduced to a minimum. Customers are incentivized to ditch paper cups and are offered discounts when they take away their coffees in their reusable cups. For those who always forget their reusable cups, Spill the Bean even offers complementary access to their ‘mug library’ where customers can take away their coffees in a ceramic mug and then return it at their convenience (these mugs are donations from loyal customers- that’s the Spill the Bean tribe for you!). Even the shop expansion was completed sustainably by using a mix of the previous tenant’s fittings, left over material from the original shop’s construction, and repurposing of old construction blocks and wooden panels to avoid waste and to stay true to their eco conscious business values.

Find a safe refuge from the chaos of city living and unwind at this guilt-free venue, while sipping on delicious smoothies and savouring their sumptuous vegan options that set a new standard for culinary indulgence. The menu features salad bowls, healthy bites, sandwiches and burgers, with an extensive selection of vegan options, and a healthier take on classic desserts. Several must-try signature dishes such as Whole Wheat Almond Pancake and the Olive and Sundried Tomato Grilled Three Cheese Toastie along with a variety of sides that cater to every palate. Featuring a titillating dessert selection of raw, gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free options, visitors can also indulge in sinful treats such as the Pumpkin Carrot Cake, Banana Almond Cake and the Peanut Butter pie, a must try each time you visit. All recipes are developed in-house; all foods are prepared from scratch using simple ingredients in unconventional mixes to provide comfort food that’s actually good for you.

To round up the customer experience at Spill the Bean, visitors can also enjoy reads from the shop’s expansive book exchange library, where books can be taken home, borrowed, and donated for everyone’s pleasure, making Spill the Bean a true home away from your home- and now to everyone’s delight, with a much bigger indoor and al fresco seating.


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