Wonderful Conclusion of Bisat Al-Reeh Exhibition, Crowned with Distinguished Presence and Unparalleled Success


Jeddah – In the midst of a distinguished presence and unparalleled success, achieved through a major cultural and creative event that lasted for more than 5 days filled with attractive shows and events, the curtain came down on the 21st  edition of Bisat Al-Reeh Exhibition, which was hosted at the Jeddah Superdome Center, and with the special support of the General Entertainment Authority as a part of the events of the 2022 Jeddah Season. The event was inaugurated by a pioneer figure in humanitarian activities, Her Royal Highness Princess Adela Bint Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the National Home Health Care Foundation. 

The event witnessed a wide participation of leading charitable organizations and reputable companies in the field of art and creativity from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from some neighboring countries such as Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Bahrain, Qatar and Lebanon. The event was covered by a group of representatives of the press and media. In a creative gesture that roots deep into the Saudi identity, the exhibition pavilions were decorated with a special theme inspired by the national identity of Saudi Arabia; a symbolism that reflected the Kingdom’s leading role in embracing world cultures and its openness to different societies.

More than 180 pavilions and exhibitors participated in this version that surpassed the conventional tradition of exhibitions, wearing a robe of art, heritage and originality woven by the ambitious designers who consisted of the sons and daughters of the nation who competed to show their talents to the world and introduce their production capacities of designs, masterpieces and heritage work that reflect the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition also included displays of businesses of productive families from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and other nationalities. Their products varied between accessories, home furnishings, jewelry, decorations, food products, and the latest fashion lines.

The humanitarian pioneer, Her Royal Highness Princess Adela, was the major contributor to this wonderful forum, for her efforts have yielded successfully the gathering of art and brilliance. Her Royal Highness Princess Adela expressed her deep pleasure and happiness for the success of the exhibition and its wide reputation, praising the tremendous efforts made by everyone working side by side; where each part contributed to the whole thus resulting in the production of a distinguished version of the exhibition, which can only be described as an incubator for creativity.

Under the generous sponsorship of Her Royal Highness Princess Jawaher Bint Majid Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the artistic event entitled “I am a part of”, was launched in the midst of the resounding success of the exhibition, both locally and in the Arab world, Her Royal Highness said: “Appreciation for the efforts of the National Home Health Care Foundation which is supported by Her Royal Highness Princess Adela, has become the focus of everyone’s attention. There are tireless efforts behind the scenes led by Abeer Qabbani, who gave everyone a golden opportunity that linked dynamically between human giving and the arts and creations of time and space. The Kingdom’s artists have always shined as they express their reality in all its dimensions through works that spread joy and an open window of hope. The result of this was the “I am a part of” project, which illustration the support of art for humanity. This project was manifested in three-dimensional models of the head produced by the country’s male and female artists, expressing their own artistic vision. Furthermore, the proceeds of this creative project will be used for humanitarian services provided by the Foundation to help alleviate the suffering of needy patients and their families. At the end of her speech, Princess Jawaher praised those who participated in the success of this project, and also commented on the elegant booklets that documented it, describing the whole project as the path that localizes creativity and paves the way for it.

As for Abeer Qabbani, President of Bisat Al Reeh Exhibition and Vice President of the National Home Health Care Foundation, she confirmed that the path of the Bisat Al Reeh began strong and will continue to be strong, bearing with it a special luster and brilliance. Abeer expressed her appreciation for the exhibitors who poured the essence of their effort into their creativity, and praised the official support of the authorities from the Events Center and Jeddah Season, which resulted in a new success counted for the city of Jeddah. In addition, she noted the role played by civil society in the Bisat Al Reeh Exhibition to achieve integration between state institutions and the private sector, by supporting the exhibition for the display of fashion, culinary and arts specialists’ through providing them with a distinguished place for presentation; an act that launches them towards a promising development of which its fruits will be for generations to come.

Since its inauguration 21 years ago, Bisat Al Reeh Exhibition has been a platform for the exchange of cultures and local and regional design innovations, which has earned it wide fame in the Arab world, in addition to its mission to guide the efforts of young Saudi entrepreneurs, support their production capacities and provide them with an opportunity to open up to the world, following in the footsteps of the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030.


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