Witness the musical maestro Andrea Bocelli and experience Desert X art exhibition with Almosafer’s packages to the second edition of Winter at Tantora

Andrea Bocelli

world’s most beloved tenor, Andrea Bocelli, will perform for the first time in 2020 on Friday 31st January at the second edition of the Winter at Tantora Festival in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. He will perform at the stunning Maraya Concert Hall (Maraya is ‘Mirror’ in Arabic) – a purpose-built venue that reflects the beauty and majesty of AlUla while guests enjoy live performances from inside. With Almosafer, guests can book packages that include the weekend performance, including a Canapé reception and Gala dinner, with a shuttle bus service on-hand to transport guests from Winter Park in AlUla to the Maraya Concert Hall.

For the art lovers, Desert X AlUla is a one-of-a-kind exhibition collaboration between Desert X and the Royal Commission of AlUla (RCU). The showcase will see artists from Saudi Arabia, the surrounding region and the world present large-scale installations in the landscape of the majestical and historically significant desert region of AlUla, an ancient oasis situated in northwest Saudi Arabia. Art enthusiasts visiting AlUla will experience the first international collaboration of Desert X to discover and connect desert communities and cultures through contemporary art. Starting from Friday 31st January until Saturday 7th March 2020, the gallery will display site-specific works that respond to the landscape and specific condition of the desert.

Make sure to book your tickets for this exceptional weekend and choose from the weekend or one-day packages from Almosafer. From flights and accommodation to transfers and bundled experiences including vintage aircrafts, a glow show and more, Almosafer is offering it all!


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