Witness 2,000 years of history at AlUla’s heritage sites at Saudi Arabia’s ‘Winter in Tantora’ with Almosafer


Experience Saudi Arabia’s most anticipated event, Winter at Tantora, with Almosafer and explore AlUla’s little-known wonders. Be transported back in time with visits to monuments of the past or marvel at living destinations that capture the region’s rich heritage and immerse you in the cultures of ancient civilizations. Discover the serene and majestic location of AlUla, rich with the history of ancient civilisations. Here are just some of the hidden gems waiting to be explored…

Hegra, Al-Hijr (modern Mada’in Salih)

Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO location dates back to pre-Islamic times. This monument with global significance is home to more than 100 well-preserved tombs with elaborate facades cut into the rock.

Elephant Rock (Jabal Al-Fil)

This natural sandstone has transformed through time to create the shape of a giant elephant with its trunk touching the ground. The monument is the perfect example of AlUla’s geomorphological wonders and it has become one of the most iconic pieces of heritage in the region.

Jabal ‘Ikmah

This site is described as Saudi Arabia’s outdoor “open library” because of the hundreds of etched and relief inscriptions acting as references for the Dadanitic and Lihyanic cultures.

Dadan (modern Al-Khuraybah)

This city dates back to the 2nd and 6th centuries and was the capital of the Dadan and Lihyan kingdoms. One of the highlights of this ancient site is the Lion Tombs, which are two rock-cut burial niches decorated with reliefs of lions.

Old town of AlUla (Al-Dirah)                                                                                          This old town was once home to nearly 900 houses, 400 shops and 5 town squares. It has still preserved its architecture and you can still see the remnants of the old stone and mudbrick buildings today. The citadel, still accessible via a staircase, dates back to the 10th Century.

 Hijaz railway station

This railway was built in the beginning of the 19th century and ran from Damascus to Madinat. Initially, it was supposed to travel all the way from Istanbul to Makkah, but the construction was stopped during the first World War and has never resumed since.

The geographically epic area of AlUla offers enchanting environmental regions within and amongst its valleys and mountains. During ‘Winter at Tantora’, you can also hike diverse nature trails and winding paths. You can also enjoy airship or vintage aircraft flights or take a helicopter tour to the Red Sea to see areas of Saudi Arabia virtually untouched by humans.

Make sure not to miss out on this historical journey of discovery into the past with Almosafer’s weekend or one-day packages, including flights and accommodation (weekend only), as well as transfers and activity bundles such as concert tickets, heritage sites tours, and much more to make your trip as memorable and beautiful as the valley of AlUla itself.


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