Winter treats: Dubai’s favorite Scandinavian bakery, Bageri Form, excitedly unveils a new menu full of delicious sweet and savory pastries – and an extra special banoffee croissant.


Dedicated to showcasing the baking skills of their expert pastry chefs, the new menu features three new danishes, including adding a savoury offering of flavourful brie and toasted walnut to the tempting lineup

Dubai, UAE–Bageri Form, has gained a name for its delectable pastries and baked treats curated using traditional techniques. The new menu is set to delight fans with scrumptious new offerings.

The seasonal treats of this Dubai hotspot are the ultimate comfort food. There’s a selection of pretzels, Danishes, and croissants, which perfectly blend a spoonful of tradition with a sprinkling of artisanal sugar.

Bageri’s pastry chef and his team love to keep the menu fresh by constantly developing new and delicious creations. Guests can enjoy the alfresco weather as the terrace is open now or watch as the pastries are crafted by hand in front of them inside the large open kitchen. Even better is the incredible smell of freshly cooked buttery treats as they are taken out of the oven, ready to be indulged in. It’s impossible to resist tucking into a handmade creation, and this delightful new menu will be no different.

For lovers of something simply sweet and deliciously soft, the sugar pretzel bun is just that: painstakingly made milk bread dough baked with butter sugar and garnished with a dusting of vanilla sugar. Wow.

It’ll be hard to resist the gooey goodness of the peanut butter and chocolate danish. Buttery and flaky croissant dough is filled with peanut butter and chocolate brownie for a salty-sweet sensation that will tickle taste buds. A family favorite, Banoffee Pie, has been given a new lease of life at Bageri Form. It takes all the banana-y goodness and wraps it in croissant dough. Topped with a sweet almond crumble and a smooth toffee cream, it’s a childhood favourite with a special twist.

For fans of cheesecake, the cheesecake bun is also set to be a popular new menu item. Guests are invited to try the new take on a traditional creamy cheesecake as it’s put into a bun and topped with super sweet strawberries.

Fancy something savoury instead? For guests who are looking for something that feels warm and cosy to eat, the potato cream Danish is a must-try. It takes a buttery croissant dough and stuffs it with homemade mashed potato, sour cream, and a topping of green onion. Another savoury addition to the menu is the incredible brie and walnut Danish – a generous helping of fragrant French cheese served in meltingly soft, flaky pastry and topped with crunchy toasted walnuts and sticky-sweet maple.

Bageri Form is excited for guests – both new and returning – to try the new menu of mouthwatering pastries it has to offer.


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