Who’s Hungry? Compelling New Data Provides Insight into KSA’s Food Delivery Habits


The report, shared by food delivery streamlining service Otter, includes surprising data on when Saudis opt for delivery, what they’re most likely to order, and how much they’re spending.

KSA – –A new report* from Otter, the company that helps restaurants and food service providers streamline their delivery options, is illuminating consumers’ food delivery habits across Saudi Arabia. Among other thought-provoking findings, the report notes that Thursday night from 9:00 – 10:00 PM is the busiest time for food delivery orders.

The data, which was collected from around 3 million online orders during the first half of 2022, also suggests that Saudis are willing to spend 22.33% more on lunch on a Friday between 2 to 3 pm than on any other meal on any other day. 

“Our primary goal at Otter is to provide efficient solutions that help restaurants better serve their customers and ultimately grow their business,” said Sam Collins, MENA General Manager at Otter. “The food delivery business is evolving at a rapid pace, and we hope that this data can empower restaurants to make more effective, informed decisions for their own delivery strategy.”

Additional notable highlights from the report include:

  • The majority of online orders come in after 6:00 PM (39.06%.)
  • Saudis spend SAR 68.58 per delivery order, with the average amount spent peaking for lunch.
  • Friday is the day with the highest average order spend, followed by Thursday and Wednesday.
  • Thursday is the day with the most delivery orders, followed by Friday and Wednesday. 


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