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What a MGing Drive……!!! (amazing)


It’s definitely a big WOW.

After a lot of research and fetching information from the market, online and existing customers, I shortlisted MG for addition to my luxury collection. From booking a test drive to actually getting on the steering, the service and hospitality was good, but the moment the steering was in my hand I couldn’t resist and decided to take this beauty for a drive. Let me tell you this beauty is a Love at first sight.

The exterior of the car is a show stopper. Whether it’s the design, tough body, wheels, the logo badge, lights-everything has been designed to just make it look perfect and sporty. The colors available add on to the boldness of the car.

Talking about the interiors what a piece of luxury it is – the interior color combination with leather upholstery and finishing makes the cabin look simply stylish and cool. The feel of the comfort while driving, luxury, accessories, features – I am just in love with the car.

The Internet Technology in the cabin is a trendsetter move by MG.

Adding on to the technicalities, though I am not very technical, but comparing with the specifications and features offered by other brands, MG has left no stone unturned and has scored full marks. You will not have to look back to any other brand for any better specifications or features – whether it’s the space, mileage, safety, connectivity etc.

Now that MG is available globally, the wide network, after sales service will be surely an added feather to the cap.

The pricing and the offers available have also been strategized smartly to stand tall in the competition.

The Test Drive experience of MG6 is nothing less than owning one, especially when it comes to that well-known British Born brand.

Hats off to the designers and the makers of Morris Garages (MG).

I just can’t wait to own one and is definitely my next addition to my luxury collection.




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