UNWTO welcomes Giorgio Armani as new Special Ambassador for Responsible Tourism


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is proud to designate the iconic fashion designer Giorgio Armani as the new UNWTO Special Ambassador for Responsible Tourism

Giorgio Armani is a global reference for his timeless designs and creativity as well as for his profound commitment to social responsibility and respect for the environment. His fashion brand is inspired by the concept of substance and the conviction that sustainability means creating a system capable of enduring through time, with respect for all the resources and the awareness that the future of generations to come depends on the choices of today

The designer understands that the change of the fashion industry is necessary and strives to use the platform of his fashion company to contribute directly and indirectly to the transformation of the industry so that it can best serve and support its communities

The most recent example of his support to the community is the immediate response to the coronavirus emergency. Not only did the Armani Group make substantial direct donations to some of the most severely affected Italian hospitals, but it also switched all Italian production plants to manufacturing single use medical overalls, to be used for the individual protection of healthcare workers engaged in the fight against the coronavirus disease

When presenting a special plaque to the new Special Ambassador, the Secretary-General pointed out Giorgio Armani’s continued commitment with the environment and the community, demonstrated through long-term initiatives and individual actions alike. The Secretary-General thanked the designer for preserving jobs throughout the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, for generously supporting the front-line workers against the pandemic and for contributing to the containment of the virus

Upon receiving the plaque, Mr Armani said: ‘I am genuinely pleased to have been honoured in this way by an organisation that believes that people should be encouraged to see the beauty of the globe in a respectful and responsible manner. It has been a sense of responsibility for our community that has helped my country through this terrible pandemic and this too is what has driven me to play my small part in helping those engaged in the fight against the virus, and the fight against the economic challenges it has posed. A belief in community – the global community – and an appreciation of the humanity we all share are what will help us build a better future for ourselves and the generations to come, through being mindful of the important things in life, like the preciousness of the environment and our duty to protect it. It is therefore an honour to take up the role of Ambassador of Responsible Tourism


The Ambassadorship of Mr. Giorgio Armani is unveiled in the wake of the visit of the UNWTO Secretary-General, Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili to Italy, his first mission abroad after the COVID- 19 lockdown. The lockdown has had a devastating effect on many businesses and millions of livelihoods, in travel and tourism industries as well as many others. The Secretary-General is visiting the country that was the first and the most severely struck European country during the pandemic


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