Uganda Offers Exclusive Coffee Tours for Middle Eastern Coffee Enthusiasts.


Dubai : With the start of summer holidays, coffee enthusiasts from The Middle East region have a fantastic opportunity to visit Uganda and experience at first hand a comprehensive Coffee tour. The tour will include an introduction on coffee farming, a visit to the processing plants and the source of the coffee beans, a tour of the farm where many activities will take place, and most importantly it will include tasting a lot of delicious coffee.

The tour will allow visitors to roast their own coffee under professional supervision, and it will educate them on how the coffee is prepared before being served in cafés. It will also educate them on the farming process and introduce them to certain cafés that serve the freshest local coffee.

Uganda’s coffee beans flow from the slopes of the Rwenzori and Elgon mountains and the west of the Nile. Visitors from around the world can come to experience tours in Uganda’s coffee fields and enjoy the unique taste of the fresh coffee.

Recently, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and the World Wildlife Fund in partnership with Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) constructed and handed over a coffee house aimed at supporting the local community living near at the Rwenzori Mountain National Park. This was from the understanding that great places to visit must be great places for host communities to live in. On a visit here, travelers are taken from the bean to cup process.

In recent years, Uganda has grown to become one of the top exporters of quality coffee across Africa. Uganda’s coffee has already built a reputation amongst global coffee connoisseurs for being great tasting and well-balanced. With high-quality beans coming from some of the finest Robusta trees in the world and the top-grade Arabia Coffee, the country has become the go-to destination for all coffee-enthusiasts.

Because of the increasing demand for delicious Uganda coffee, many coffee houses in Kampala are using the fresh beans to brew some of the finest blends. The number of cafés in the capital is overgrowing and visitors can get a chance to try the local specialty coffee from different places.

About Ugandan Coffee

Coffee is one of Uganda’s leading export commodity, with Robusta grown on plantations near the capital city of Kampala and Arabica harvested near Sipi Falls on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park.
For a first-hand look at Uganda’s coffee culture, travelers can take part in educational coffee safaris offered by companies including 1,000 Cups Coffee House and Bulansuku Farm Estates and Let’s Go Travel.
To enjoy the great taste of some of Uganda’s coffee, here are some of the locals’ favorite coffee houses in the bustling capital city of Kampala:

Café Javas
Café Javas is a must-visit when it comes to high-quality coffee. It has several branches across the capital, including Kampala Boulevard, Oasis Mall, Kamwokya and several others. Café Javas is most famous for its signature blend, a cappuccino blended with a shot of espresso made from high-quality local coffee.

Brood is Dutch for bread, and this coffee shop serves a delicious selection of baked goods alongside delightful specialty coffee. The Brood has multiple branches in Kampala, with the most popular being inside Acacia Mall.

1000 Cups
After strolling through the African Village, Visitors have to make sure they have a coffee break at 1000 cups. With its calm and soothing atmosphere, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy delicious coffee.

Java House
Not to be confused with Café Javas, Java House is a Kenyan brand known for brewing some of the most delicious coffee with a taste that cannot be forgotten. Java House is famous for its cold ice-blended coffee frappes and delicious desserts, which makes it ideal during warm afternoons.

Endiro Coffee
Endiro Coffee serves some of the finest brews near the Kisementi Shopping Centre. The café has a beautiful open area where customers can enjoy the natural shade of trees while sipping fine coffee. Endiro is also known for its unique and tasty lunch menu.

Café Pap
Cafe Pap roasts beans from Mt Elgon near the Sisiyi River at the shop to produce unique and delicious coffee blends. The staff is known to be very friendly, and the baristas tend to write kind words in chocolate syrup on top of the visitor’s tasty coffee. Visiting Café Pap is a great way to spend the mornings in Kampala.


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