The Saudi … flag shines from far – on the Matterhorn, the iconic Swiss mountain.


Since the emergence of the Corona virus crisis, different symbols have been projected every night onto the Matterhorn, the iconic mountain of Switzerland. With this fantastic and unique illumination, Zermatt intends to monument a symbol of hope. The village is sharing solidarity with the ones currently suffering and intends to show huge gratitude towards everyone helping day for day to overcome this crisis. Yesterday night, Zermatt dedicated the projection to the people Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with the following message: We stand with Saudi Arabia, who are currently affected by the Corona virus. We stand together and give hope and strength to the people living in the GCC countries: The Matterhorn shines for you tonight. Together we will overcome the crisis and move forward to a better future. Therefore, Zermatt projected in the most spectacular way the flags of KSA onto the Matterhorn, displaying them with a size of more than 1’000 meters, reaching many hearts during these challenging times.


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