The largest coffee factory in the Middle East “Atyab Al-Karam” prepares to launch its first factory in Saudi Arabia


Jeddah -: The industrial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing several changes, mainly Atyab AlKaram International Company’s recent announcement that it is ready to launch its first coffee roasting factory at the end of this month. In addition, it will advertise its new “Roast Maestro” brand as the latest brand in the coffee industry to contribute to the development of the national economy to keep up with Saudi Vision 2030.

The coming days will witness the official announcement of Roast Maestro’s inauguration to be the first coffee roasting plant of its kind in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. “The new challenges and changes in the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia have greatly contributed to the construction of this factory to achieve the most important international standards for coffee roasting. The presence of this plant will contribute significantly and effectively to providing the most important options for consumers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, which facilitates the rapid delivery process of the highest quality through state-of-the-art technologies used in this plant,” commented Dr. Nasser Al Maiman, Chairman of Atyab Al-Karam International Company, owner of Roast Maestro plant.

Roast Maestro is truly the first to introduce the coffee industry to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East at this level, energy and high scientific technology.


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