The brand-new MG-GT Born A REBEL!


The all-new MG GT is inspired by the 1962 MGB GT, and the exterior features a coupe style. This new vehicle offers a unique experience in the small sedan market.

The new MG GT has a high-end front. The overall look is complemented by a bold, youthful color palette inspired by the original MG GT paintwork in yellow bi-color wheels that counteract the feeling of speed. The wheels come in these two distinct colors chrome and black and 3D shapes its replicated across the car even on the interior giving that unique look. The alloys are 17 inches, and the tires are 215 MM in width.

 A unique glossy, hyperplane-inspired gear shift knob and trim accents enhance the driving experience even more while feeling natural light.

In terms of performance, MG-GT is charming and smooth when you are driving slowly in the car you never feel it changing speeds. The purpose is to give you a sportier feel while driving the car. Flip off the gear and go to S mode and then you will get the full power and the nice acceleration to add the sporty feel you can adjust the weight of the steering wheel. The noise insulation inside the cabin is very decent.

 MG GT exceeds all expectations with its 173hp engine and 250Nm maximum torque. This car can accelerate from zero to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 8.5 seconds, a 1.5-liter engine is an excellent option with an eight-speed gearbox, the fuel consumption of which is 5.7 litters per 100 km.

To give the car sort of a coupe look with a fastback design in the back with the sloping back rear window that affects the passenger headroom and the back when you are inside. In the back, there are some more lovely details in the car embedded sorts of a spoiler and the MG logo, and the MG-GT badge. The backlights are full lids. The boot you have 401 litters of space.  The interior space is all leather in two colors black and red. The steering wheel is having red stitching and all leather at the bottom flat giving a sporty look. The door looks like carbon fiber plastic looks cool and the leather with red stitching has a beehive look. The speakers have a 3D design. The backseats it’s very comfortable, and the space between the front and back seats is spacious.

The infotainment system offers a high-resolution, 10-inch touch screen. The dashboard is all angled towards the driver to give you the essay-friendly way to press the buttons. The design of the dashboard piano colored theme and 3D design the same on the wheels give the car a nice signature.

 Fingertip access to audio systems. The cruise control system provides the highest levels during long trips. The keyless entry feature allows you to start the engine

In addition, the security features are great. The car comes loaded with abundant safety features Thanks to the high-quality steel cage structure and the rear-view camera, it gives greater protection when reversing and maneuvering with the seat restraint system. And you can control the advanced features of the crisis warning system, lane departure, and a 360-degree camera cruise control, collision warning with sensors around the car to keep you safe while parking.


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