Taqado and Deliveroo celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a twist


For Cinco De Mayo this year, Deliveroo and Taqado have partnered to give away a unique Mexican treat to all customers on the 5th of May. The team at Taqado Mexican Kitchen has handcrafted a brand new fusion item; Bolas de Furia in celebration of the occasion. Bolas de Furia are power balls made using dates, chillies, and nuts and are topped with chilli and chipotle to give consumers a powerful oomph that will last them throughout the day on Cinco De Mayo (May 5th). For every Taqado order placed via Deliveroo on the day, customers will receive a complimentary serving of Bolas de Furia. 

Packed full of energy, these power ball bites are a nutritious and protein filled snack to boost one’s energy levels at Iftar, Suhoor, or throughout the day. Known for their infinite benefits, dates are one of the healthiest dry fruits in the world, full of vital vitamins and nutrients to support the body.

Cinco de Mayo this year at Taqado is a fusion of Mexican and Middle Easten flavours and will be available to all customers as a gift with every Deliveroo order from the brand on the 5th of May. 


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