Snap and PEPSI ® celebrate Saudi talent with the ” Thirsty for Music” interactive musical campaign


The campaign will feature top Saudi artists and will introduce the region’s first AR experience off the pack

KSA – : The Saudi underground music scene is booming. PEPSI ® for its new creative campaign – “Thirsty for Music” has joined forces with Snap to launch five limited-edition interactive cans featuring classical and new musical instruments that celebrate the ever evolving Saudi musical scene, accompanied by traditional Saudi cultural iconography reflected in architecture, traditional textiles, artefact, and more.

Incorporating the full PEPSI ®  lineup of Pepsi Blue, Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi, each can represents a specific instrument and sound bite, including Oud, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, and Durbaka. Scanning the Snapcode brings the particular instrument to life, animating the can alongside various audio bites from the campaign’s soundtrack. It also brings to the forefront the region’s first AR experience off the pack, further engaging consumers with unique storytelling on the packaging.

The cans have been transformed into digital canvases by representing the musical instruments with local visual language done by using vibrant and striking color palettes. On these digital canvases, both traditional and new musical instruments illustrations appear in a finely crafted and unique visual ensemble with a contemporary appeal to resonate with different genres of music.

Apart from the five marker tech lenses, Snap has created a body-tracking lens that Snapchatters can dance to. The body tracking lens features two different dances – hip-hop and K-pop inspired from the campaign’s film choreography.
The campaign with the theme song “We Are The Anthem” seeks to help Saudi artists break through and share their talent with the growing music enthusiast audience in the country. The 2022 campaign also invites fans to discover the old and new ‘beat’ of the kingdom.

The campaign will include on-ground events, concerts, and thematic communication, among other cultural and entertainment events.
PEPSI ® has partnered with various artists for the campaign, which spans across diverse musical genres and features both iconic and upcoming artists. These include iconic Saudi Star Rashed Al-Fares, Molham, Jenn, Lil Jumm and Abdullah Al Manea.
Nesrine Chami, Brand PEPSI ® Marketing Manager, KSA said, “This diversity represented by the artists brought together by PEPSI® is to celebrate the richness of Saudi artistry; a gifted collective of creatives “Thirsty for Music” and creative expression. This partnership with Snap brings together two of the world’s biggest champions of creative talent and compliments the campaign with an interactive platform rich in engaging experiences.”
Ibrahim Zantout, Vertical Lead F&B/QSR at Snap Inc said, “Our Saudi community is curious and eager to explore new experiences. Teaming up with PEPSI ® on new AR experiences introduces a unique entertainment option for our Saudi audience and helps them discover new content in an interactive setting.”                              

PEPSI ® has a history of collaborating with global and regional artists and stars to support and champion creative expression. Snap is one of the largest music platforms in the world. Its music library called “Sounds” allows Snapchatters to add their favorite tune to photos and video messages.

To experience this unique activation on the cans, Snapchatters can follow  three  easy steps:

Scan the code on the Pepsi can

Point your Snapchat camera to the instrument on the can

Experience the different visualisation of the elements augmented through the Snapchat camera


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