SLAW Launches Delicious New Menu


After launching its latest burger truck at Last Exit, SLAW has taken things a step further by creating a wholesome, tempting, brand-new menu available at all three SLAW venues. Burger lovers and foodies are in for a treat as the new items are here to stay. 

The appetizing menu consists of various dishes, three new banging burgers and four perfectly pairable sides. At the top of the list is the Truffle Cheese Burger, comprised of a juicy Angus Beef Patty, Swiss Cheese, Truffle Oil, and refreshing Roca Leaves with everyone’s favourite Zesty Sauce all wrapped in a soft Potato Bun (Dhs 44). Next, is the tasty Parma Sando,  a Freshly Fried Chicken, Parma Sauce, cool Berg Lettuce and prized Parmesan Cheese (Dhs 38). Lastly, closing the new burger list is a one-of-a-kind Glazed Sando, composed of Fresh Fried Chicken, rich, sweet Glazed Sauce with Berg Lettuce, Dill Pickles and Ranch Sauce (Dhs 38).

Diners are advised to be prepared to get hot and messy with a variety of flaming luscious sides. Including the likes of 5-piece Chicken Wings dipped in Hot Sauce, topped with Dill Pickles and served alongside a Cooling Ranch Dipping Sauce (Dhs 25) and the Crispy Fried Corn Ribs with Ranch Sauce, Mild Spice and Chopped Parsley (Dhs 25)The sides also consist of 10 pieces of Freshly Fried Chicken Poppers with Honey Mustard Sauce topped with Black Sesame Seeds (Dhs 30) and warm Truffle Fries (Dhs 22). 


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