Skip your coffee. Make a lasting difference


If a day without coffee seems like the ultimate test of survival for you, consider this: making the choice to skip your daily indulgence could make a world of difference to a cancer warrior.

Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), a UAE-based non-profit, is calling out to coffee lovers in the UAE to take the powerful step of skipping one cup of their favourite beverage, and donating that amount to support the treatment costs of ‘cancer warriors’ in the UAE.

FOCP’s social media campaign, ‘A Day without Coffee’ challenges you to trade your coffee spend for a month to support those in active cancer treatment who are struggling to meet their medical expenses.

Integral to Arabic hospitality, coffee is an essential pre-requisite of most UAE residents who, on average, consume 2 to 4 cups of coffee each day. At the cost of almost AED 20 per cup of coffee, this grows into a significant amount when spread out over several cups a day across days, weeks, and months. With the launch of the ‘A Day without Coffee’ challenge, FOCP seeks to divert the amount spent on coffee, on a deeply humane cause.

From an AED 20 donation for every cup of coffee skipped to AED 100 in lieu of skipping a day’s quota of coffee; AED 500 for foregoing coffee for a week, and AED 2000 for skipping coffee for an entire month, the ‘A Day without Coffee’ challenge is a unique way in which UAE residents can test their will power and extend their charitability. The non-profit has called on donors to share their experience and talk about why they are participating in the challenge on social media using the campaign’s hashtags #ADayWithoutCoffee, #SkipYourCoffee, and #SaveALife.

To make the donation to the ‘A Day without Coffee’ challenge, individuals can visit, click on the donate button, and enter the desired amount of support.

FOCP encourages people to share their personal experiences when participating in this challenge by putting up their stories on their social media accounts with the hashtags #ADayWithoutCoffee, #SkipYourCoffee, and #SaveALife. These will be reposted on FOCP’s socials @focpuaehashtags.

Over the years, FOCP has introduced several innovative solutions to ensure the continuity of its monetary support to limited-income patients nationwide. Funds raised by FOCP cover some of the most expensive aspects of cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical procedures, while also extending to urgent expenses incurred by patients during the early stages of treatment and care.

So, skip your coffee, and save a life today!

Source: National Network Communications (NNC)


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