Sightseeing in London just got more eco-friendly


Any sightseeing trip to London normally involves a lot of travelling around, incorporating multiple methods of transport (and getting your head around tickets and routes). There is a lot to take in, and even with the best planning it can be an exhausting few days crossing the city.

Visit London Taxi Tours have recently added fully electric London taxis to their fleet, for totally green, and fantastically efficient sightseeing. The new additions also feature a fully glass roof for unimpeded panoramic sightseeing.

“Our goal has always been to offer efficient sightseeing, allowing our guests to make the absolute most of their time in our incredible city. And, with the electric vehicles in our fleet, visitors can now feel assured that they’re not contributing to local pollution.”

“The London taxi has been an icon of the city for many a year now, and what could be more London than getting a personalised commentary by a real Londoner? All our drivers are real London taxi drivers, trained in ‘the knowledge’ and with plenty of stories and amusing anecdotes to share. In fact, most of our guests often tell us that the commentary is the highlight of the trip!”

As an authentic London Hackney Carriage, all of Visit London Taxi Tours taxis can legally use bus lanes, meaning much less chance of being stuck in traffic.

Visit London Taxi Tours offer a range of taxi tours for all tastes, including the Royal London tour, Harry Potter tour, London by night and the Layover taxi tour. Visitors can also choose to make a bespoke taxi tour so to take in their very own must see sights of the city.

All taxis include wifi and charging ports so guests can stay connected (and juiced up) while touring the city. 



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