Seara Brings the Joy of Cooking to Saudi Arabia


Seara, a food brand that is completely committed to high quality products, is bringing the joy of cooking to homes and kitchens across Saudi Arabia with the launch of its high-quality range of frozen foods. The brand with presence in over 150 countries is part of JBS the global leader in protein-based food and is presenting an extensive complete halal portfolio of Seara frozen whole chickens, chicken parts, breaded chicken, chicken burgers and beef burgers, minced meats, sausages, meat balls, frozen vegetables, frozen seafood and frozen fruits, among others.

As part of this launch, Seara also announces its collaboration with Saudi food blogger and influencer Hisham Baeshen as Seara’s brand ambassador. Hisham, a regionally-renowned food blogger, boasting more than 11 million followers on social media. Taking his inspiration from Seara’s wide offerings, Baeshen will celebrate the joy of cooking by creating Saudi-inspired signature dishes highlighting the country’s rich culture and heritage while also intriguing the palate with exceptional flavors that heighten the taste and thrill the senses.

I’m very happy to welcome Seara Brand to KSA and join in celebrating the joy of taste,” said food blogger Hisham Baeshen. “Along with great taste and nutrition, Seara’s wide range of products offers great convenience, making cooking an enjoyable experience for everyone – whether chefs or home cookers. People are increasingly recognizing the value and benefits of frozen food while discovering new, creative ways to include them in their diet and local culinary journeys. With Seara, while noticing the ease of preparation Saudis can experience the true joy of cooking and create the most delicious meals for a wholesome and healthy lifestyle.”

He added “What is really special about Seara products, is the unique quality it offers whether in the breaded items which are crunchy from outside & tender from inside or the un breaded items with its amazing taste & unique blend of flavors. You can easily distinguish its quality from the other products in the market.”

Fresh, fast and delicious are a few key benefits to frozen food. In addition, frozen foods are free from preservatives, have longer shelf lives, less wastage which in turn leads to cost savings and most importantly are great for nutrition. At Seara, we apply the “Freshly Frozen” technique while freezing foods, which in turn locks in freshness and avoids the loss of vitamins and nutrients during transportation from farm to kitchen & from plant to retail.

In this launch, Seara brand will present its new portfolio of over 120 products produced with the highest quality, taking into account the importance of Middle Eastern culture and cuisine.

All the new products are now available across leading modern trade outlets, hyper markets, supermarkets & groceries across KSA, strengthening the strategy of Seara of offering the country and the region innovative, high-quality products. 


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