Saudi Coffee Company Attends Future Investment Initiative as Official Coffee Partner


●       Saudi Coffee Company (SCC) attends the sixth edition of Future Investment Initiative (FII) as official coffee partner, presenting an educational journey to shed light on the company’s mission to energize Saudi’s coffee industry
●       SCC shares its ambitions to make the Saudi coffee industry among the most sustainable in the world      
Riyadh – Saudi Coffee Company (SCC) attended this year’s Future Investment Initiative (FII) as the official coffee partner to share its wide-ranging plans to develop every aspect of value chain of the Kingdom’s coffee industry, from bean to cup.
“FII was an excellent opportunity for Saudi Coffee Company to engage with investors, entrepreneurs and policymakers from across the world. We are pleased to see the interest and enthusiasm for      our mission to develop a sustainable and world-leading coffee industry in the Kingdom, and the opportunities this will create,” stated Raja AlHarbi, CEO of the Saudi Coffee Company.
FII’s 6th edition has brought together the world’s leading CEOs, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and young leaders under the theme, ‘Impact on Humanity’, which focuses on developing new innovative and high-impact solutions to the sustainability challenges we face. SCC participated in the event with a view to building partnerships with investors and other strategic partners working in agriculture, distribution, marketing, and other sectors relevant to its mission. The theme is in line with SCC’s objective to make Saudi’s coffee industry among the most sustainable in the world.
SCC’s sustainability plans are being developed by a team of global sustainability experts. There will be a focus on building new sustainable infrastructure, from farms to factories, while improving existing infrastructure to make it more environmentally friendly. In line with its mission of leading a sustainable sector, SCC is exploring a range of innovative sustainability solutions, including using agrovoltaics, which combine solar power and crops using the same land, while also integrating circular economy methods. SCC will also teach sustainable farming at a soon to be established coffee academy.
The company is also working to nurture the sector by adopting better planting, harvesting, roasting, distribution, manufacturing, and marketing techniques, focusing in particular on green and ground coffee systems, degassing systems, and primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging. With these best practices in place, SCC is aiming to put Saudi coffee on countertops around the world within the next few years.
SCC had two booths at FII where it showcased various types of local beans, while providing visitors with information on SCC’s mission to energize Saudi’s coffee industry. The booths attracted a great deal of attention and helped to demonstrate the high quality of blends produced from local and international beans.
Wholly owned by Public Investment Fund (PIF), the Saudi Coffee Company (SCC) is the leading force behind Saudi Arabia’s efforts to develop and grow its nascent coffee industry. Working in tandem with the Kingdom’s 2,500 coffee farms, it aims to increase domestic coffee production from 300 tons a year today to 2,500 by 2032.


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