Sanabel Modern Motors Launch Exeed’s Driving Experiences


The Premium Chinese brand is making strides among Luxury Users in the Kingdom
Jeddah-: Sanabel Modern Motors, a Mohamed Youssef Naghi company, has announced that EXEED’s VTX and TXL are open for test drives in Jeddah and Riyadh, a move aimed at meeting increasing demands to experience the luxurious and technological prowess of the Chinese automaker for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Abdullah Madhoun, General Manager of Sanabel Modern Motors, said in a statement: ” We are pleased with the level of attention and praise EXEED has been receiving, and we are looking forward to meeting the demands of a very wide and diverse segment in the local automotive market”
Sanabel Modern Motors deployed teams to assist prospect EXEED users and answers their inquires during the test drives. These teams were trained to acquaint drivers in Saudi Arabia with the premium brand advanced safety features and comfort controls in both the VX and TXL, affirming Mohamed Yousef Naghi’s commitment to creating memorable customer experiences.
EXEED’s is a product of the ingenuity a diverse international design team, combining European expertise in luxury with Chinese practicality, resulting into unanimously praised cars across the globe. The selectively picked excutives from BMW and Jaguar brought EXEED its first award in 2019 after being named “Breakthrough of the Year” in Russia.
The premium brand incorporates the latest smart technology in China, such as a special chassis designed to conform to international best practices and standards, equipped with Bentler’s main structure and BorgWarner Intelligent four-wheel drive system – as well as china’s most powerful engine with exceptional power, high intelligence, maximum safety, and comfort.
New heights were reached thanks to the collaboration between JLR and EXEED’s R&D. As a high-end automobile designed for global consumers, EXEED has withstood extreme natural conditions across the world up to 55℃. As The vehicle is equipped with an additional rear air outlet and added a stepless fan to heat the engine. Sanabel Modern Motors is offering seven years or 200,000 KM manufacturer warranty and is currently expanding its service centers across the Kingdom, ensuring a world-class experience for all EXEED users.


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