Sadafco marks World Heart Day with new milk


JEDDAH — In line with Saudi Vision 2030’s objectives of promoting a healthy lifestyle, Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff Company (Sadafco) marked World Heart Day with the launch of a new functional milk product that can help consumers take better care of themselves and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

New Saudia’s delicious low-fat milk contains plant sterols, clinically proven to reduce cholesterol. Drinking two glasses a day of milk containing these natural sterols can help to reduce blood cholesterol by up to 10 percent within two to three weeks, according to 250 international studies. Health-conscious consumers can enjoy their favorite taste of Saudia Milk, while knowing they are making a positive lifestyle difference. New milk will be available in convenient 1-litre Tetra Pak.

World Heart Day is held every year on September 29 to highlight that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the world’s leading cause of death, claiming 17.9 million lives each year, and inform people of the actions they can take to prevent and control CVD. In Saudi Arabia, CVDs are responsible for 37 percent of all deaths, and with population growth expected to be driven by an increase in the 50+ age, this percentage is forecast to increase.

“We face an increasing challenge here in Saudi Arabia to create awareness of cardiovascular disease and health risks associated with high blood cholesterol level. Our consumers want to enjoy happy and healthy lifestyles, to play an active role in their family’s lives and pass on healthy habits to their kids,” said Wout Matthijs, CEO of Sadafco. “Sadafco is committed to helping our consumers achieve this objective and provide them with healthy and nutritious products. Since 1976, Saudia Milk has been a trusted choice for many generations of Saudi Arabia’s families and we are proud to continue catering to our consumers’ demands by delivering products that meet their needs.”

“Milk is widely acknowledged as the most nutritious liquid food available, naturally rich in all the key nutrients that humans need, and part of a healthy lifestyle from childhood till maturity,” said Alexey Ermolov, Sadafco Marketing Manager. “The new Saudia Milk is a simple and natural choice for those consumers who want to reduce their cholesterol levels, in a delicious and convenient form. The new product can be enjoyed in all occasions, from breakfast to dinner, and will be available on the UHT and healthy products milk shelves in shops across the Kingdom in October.”


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