Ruhi Indian Restaurant launches in Riyadh.


The Wait Is Finally OVER…Savor The Real Flavors of Indian Cuisine! Advanced Food Company Launches Ruhi Indian Restaurant in Riyadh!

The city of Riyadh witnesses the long awaited opening of Ruhi restaurant taht serves authentic Indian delicacies in the presence of his excellency Ambassador of the Republic of India in Saudi Arabia Dr. Ausef Sayed along with established social media influencer Dr. Hassan Ghoneim and a large number of reputable media personals, journalist and food bloggers. Ruhi is considerably the first Indian restaurant owned by the reputable Company Advanced Food based in the heart of Riyadh. Advanced Food Company owns a chain of restaurants and has recently achieved remarkable success in a short period of time, after the opening of one of their restaurants “HARAT” which instantly gained momentum and had been short listed and classified recently by Four Square as the most popular restaurant in the city of Riyadh.

Being the first Indian restaurant of its kind in the Kingdom, Ruhi is distinguished apart from existing Indian restaurants as it serves traditional authentic Indian delicacies famously known within the Southern region of the Republic of India as opposed to fusion Indian dishes. The restaurant’s ambiance and interior were inspired by Indian culture and oriental spices known for their colors and multi-flavors within Indian cuisine.

Mr. Ziad Kassabieh, CEO of Advanced Foods Company said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing an unprecedented renaissance in the field of tourism which is a key component to the vision of 2030 and restaurants are a key component within the tourism industry. Being one of the important economic tributaries motivated us to establish and open Ruhi Restaurant, in order to provide visitors with a unique experience to savor the real flavors of traditional Indian food, and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant. We anticipate for our guests to enjoy a different experience and therefore we made sure to pay attention to the details. We believe that we have created the right atmosphere for our guests through exquisite interior and wall art which employ elements extracted from the Indian culture complimented by soft soothing Indian music. Within our menu we also ensured to include a vegetarian section to ensure that no one was left out and that we have paid close attention and taken notes to what visitors may want to experience and see based on extensive research. We chose the name Ruhi which means (Spirit/Soul) in Indian dialect because we wanted to ensure a unique experience where we would be able to carry out our message and transfer spirit of Indian food and the distinctive atmosphere known by the beautiful and eccentric culture created by the people of India.”


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