Rove Hotels Invites You to #RoveWithNikon on Free Night-time Discovery Tours

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  • The latest Rove Around Tours powered by Nikon will bring participants on night-time discovery tours of Dubai, from 5pm on January 17 & 18.


  • On top of visiting some fascinating locations that are usually off limits to the public, participants will have the chance to win a DX Nikon DSLR camera.


  • Each tour will begin and end at Rove Downtown. Limited spots available, so REGISTER HERE for your chance to take part!

 Dubai, UAE : Rove Hotels is partnering with Nikon, one of the world’s foremost optics and imaging experts, yet again for another instalment of the hugely popular Rove Around Tours. Taking place on January 17 and 18, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, the free photo-walk tours will be led by renowned photographer, filmmaker, videographer and Nikon instructor Paul Aggarao, who will meet each group at Rove Downtown before hopping on board the Rove bus to discover the city’s most photogenic yet uncommon locations, at night. There’ll be plenty of surprises along the way, and, to make things even more exciting, the fascinating tours will feature some locations that are usually off limits to the public, so capturing that stunning, unique shot really will be at your fingertips.

Each group will be made up of a maximum of 20 participants, and, after being gifted SD cards, members will be able to borrow Nikon Z and Z 50 cameras to document the nocturnal tours and create their own photo journals. The Nikon Z 50, the creator’s companion, is a compact, agile, high-performance, mirrorless camera with superb intuitive operability that allows creators to express and share their artistic vision online instantly. The darkness will be no hindrance during the Rove Around Tour thanks to the Z 50’s low-light AF performance down to -4 EV1.

“#RoveWithNikon has always been such a fun project for us, but this time it’s even more exciting, as we feature the newly launched Nikon Z 50 – a mirrorless camera that is simply perfect for Instagrammers and vloggers,” says Blossom Furtado, Brand Manager for Nikon Middle East and Africa.

As with all Rove Around Tours powered by Nikon, any participant who posts his/her photos on social media, accompanied by #RoveWithNikon, will be entered into a competition, with the best image winning a DX Nikon DSLR camera. The theme of ‘Dubai at Night’ will give budding photographers and content creators the ideal inspiration to capture that perfect nocturnal shot of the city, from a new and exciting angle. A host of amazing locations have been carefully chosen to set the scenes for stunning shots that can really capture imaginations.

Because of the limited number of available slots for the latest Rove Around Tours powered by Nikon, potential participants should sign up and apply for slots HERE. Of a total of eight tour sessions over the course of the one-year partnership with Nikon (two per quarter), this will mark the remaining two sessions of the collaboration. Whether you’re a promising Instagrammer or a photography fanatic, Rove Around Tours powered by Nikon offer everyone the opportunity to discover Dubai’s camera-ready night-time spots.

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 To find out more about Nikon, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages, @NikonMEA, or search #NikonMEA.


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