Rosewood Jeddah Offers Guests Captivating Adventures Through Summer Immerse Experiences


Rosewood Jeddah is one of the top destinations for summer 2022 travel where you can immerse in expertly curated activities ranging from outdoor adventure to culinary discoveries

Rosewood Jeddah is pleased to introduce a selection of new offerings and experiences as part of the Rosewood brand-wide Summer Immerse program. As part of this new initiative, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts around the world are introducing a collection of activities and adventures designed to help guests awaken their senses, broaden their horizons, and dig deeper into cultures.

“If the last two years have taught us anything it’s that travel is an incredibly positive force, and one that helps us learn, grow, and really connect with ourselves and our global communities,” said Mazen Allam, managing director of Rosewood Jeddah. “This summer we invite our guests to awaken the full spectrum of their senses, and seek to provide them with their pick of unique activities pegged to both marquee cultural moments and the free spirit of summer.”

To follow in line with the Rosewood brand’s core offerings, the Summer Immerse experience at Rosewood Jeddah is grounded by three distinct pillars: Culture, rooted in exploring the beauty of Jeddah through local practices and vibrant performances; Flavor, tapping into local delicacies and authentic Arabic cuisines; and Wellness, offering natural remedies, robust rejuvenation practices and high-intensity activities.

Each of Rosewood Jeddah’s Summer Immerse activities consists of both on-and-off-property options, to go beyond typical summer activities and well-known destination offerings, and instead offer guests the opportunities to truly get lost in their surroundings— exploring local culture through the three extensive pillars.

For an immersive experience in Jeddah’s culture, the guests will visit Bait Naseef; one of the most important attractions in Jeddah. Bait Naseef today is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guided by our Concierge team, the guests will pass through the narrow maze-like lanes of Al Balad and witness its various architectural marvels before seeing the grandest of them all, Bait Nassef, at the last stop. As part of the Summer Immerse program, the hotel offers its guests a breathtaking safari trip to enjoy a memorable and must-have adventure between dunes and mountains. As part of this unique experience, guests will follow the steps of an expert guide to discover the natural beauty of Jeddah’s desert while learning more about its rich cultural heritage.

Guests who want to immerse themselves in a world of flavors and tasting experiences can choose from a wide variety of options from a romantic dinner to a delightful array of authentic culinary offerings at its distinctive dining venues, Moreover, to enjoy the Arabic Heritage, The Summer Immerse experience offers tea lovers the chance to enjoy the leisurely afternoon hours at Soleil in the stunning panoramic views of the Red Sea. As part of experiencing Jeddah’s flavors, Rosewood Jeddah introduces guests to Jeddah’s vibrant tastes, through the Fish Market experience. One of the hotel’s knowledgeable chefs’ will escort guests to discover the bustling Central Fish Market and guides their selection from the dizzying array of fresh-caught Red Sea bounty on offer. Once chosen, participants join in the hotel kitchen to watch as the market prize is transformed into a memorable lunch or dinner repast. This is served in style at Habsburg Restaurant or savored within the luxurious privacy of the guestroom.

Taking your wellness in consideration is crucial in order to enjoy your vacation, and that’s why Rosewood Jeddah encourages guests to try one of the immersive wellness experiences during the Summer Immerse experience. With glistening Red Sea views and additional wellness massage options, the Health and Fitness Center at Rosewood Jeddah is a wonderful destination for rejuvenating both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Rosewood Jeddah will offer you the right experience to indulge yourself and your family in through the Rosewood Festival Offer. Start each day with carefully selected Daily Buffet Breakfast at Habsburg Restaurant, and continue with a 20% discount on Seafood Night on Thursdays and Brunch on Fridays. Enjoy spectacular views of the Red Sea during your stay at Rosewood Jeddah taking advantage of a 50-minute massage set within a luxurious serene sanctuary to reach the ultimate relaxation for the mind and body. Part of the Rosewood Festival Offer is a complimentary drop and pick up to one of the Jeddah Season Venues per stay

The unique Summer Immerse offerings from Rosewood Jeddah are featured alongside experiences from 29 additional Rosewood properties located worldwide across some of best luxury vacation destinations. To view the complete list of Summer Immerse experiences,


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