Rosewood Jeddah Hosts Albir Society Orphans in celebration of the International Day for Humanitarian Action


Saudi Arabia –Rosewood Jeddah Hotel hosts Albir Society Jeddah in celebration of World Humanitarian Day

#TheHumanRace | World Humanitarian Day 2022

World Humanitarian Day 2022 takes place on Friday 19th August. In 2022, the theme for World Humanitarian Day will be #TheHumanRace, marking the global challenge for climate action in solidarity with people who need it the most. In recognition of this day, Rosewood Jeddah hosted Albir society and thirty orphaned children at the Habsburg restaurant; an event organized to celebrate the achievements of Albir in providing opportunities and safety for these children. During the event, the Managing Director of Rosewood Jeddah Mazen Allam was quoted saying, “Rosewood Jeddah has been actively involved in giving back to society for the past decade. As an institution, our aim is to grow our role and involvement in improving the lives of everyone in the community we belong to. It’s a great honour for us to celebrate World Humanitarian Day with Albir Society and their wonderful children.
I would like to extend a great thanks to their CEO Mr. Mohieddin Hakami who not only made this possible but with the support of their team managed to help us organize all of this.”. Mr. Allam also highlighted Rosewood Jeddah’s plan to continue its support to Albir society in the future.

On a day where we are reminded to recognize our fellow brothers and sisters in the world, Rosewood Jeddah looked to support these children and has donated all 30, stationary kits, preparing them for studies and journey when returning to school. “Every child has the right to dream, and the right to opportunity. It gives us great pleasure to be able to support these kids in their return to school and to continue supporting them to aspire and reach their goals.” Said Mr. Allam as he reinstates Rosewood Jeddah’s commitment toward their social responsibility.


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