Rosewood Jeddah Conducts Breast Cancer Awareness Workshops


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia -: As part of its commitment to improving the population’s health in Saudi Arabia, Rosewood Jeddah conducted a breast cancer awareness campaign recently for its employees aiming to spread knowledge and awareness about breast cancer among employees and the Saudi community.
This awareness campaign was conducted in cooperation with the Zahra Breast Cancer Association -the charitable association concerned with combating breast cancer, raising community awareness, and providing specialized services and programs for breast cancer patients and survivors and their families throughout the Kingdom- on the occasion of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The breast cancer awareness campaign included various remote lectures presented by a specialist doctor highlighting the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and methods of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.
Mazen Allam, managing director at Rosewood Jeddah, said: “Our participation in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a mainstay of our corporate social responsibility program, we aim to provide and educate our employees and the Saudi community with the knowledge and healthy practices they can take to protect themselves and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle”.
He added: “We have discovered during this campaign that everyone has some risk of developing breast cancer, there are no rules about who gets breast cancer. Men also can develop breast cancer (about 07.0%). And because our employees are our most valuable asset, we decided to conduct this campaign to raise awareness of breast health and the importance of early examination”.
Rosewood Jeddah always seeks to participate in the most important local and international events through many activities. It has established its reputation for gracious service and luxury and is considered one of the most awarded hotels in Saudi Arabia.


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