Roast Maestro” is the latest coffee production brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Jeddah, – : Atyab Al-Karam International Company launched its first coffee roasting factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “Roast Maestro” in the presence of a large number of coffee lovers and enthusiasts in addition to press and media representatives, who attended the press conference of the company’s management to introduce them to “Roast Maestro” products and learn about its various flavors. They also watched a presentation of the coffee roasting stages and reviewed the factory products of roasted coffee under the supervision of the factory’s coffee experts.

“The inauguration of the Roast Maestro plant is considered a qualitative leap in the coffee industry, as it will contribute to changing the traditional roasting stages using state-of-the-art technologies that comply with international standards, in addition to speeding up the delivery process to the end consumer within 48 hours which is a record time compared to imported coffee,” stated Mr. Abdullah Al Maiman, CEO of Atyab Al-Karam International Company, on this occasion.

“Roast Maestro is the first factory of its kind that uses RFB technology, which accelerates the full roasting process with uniform color distribution of coffee in order to ensure top quality coffee with the best flavor. It aims to share our coffee flavors with all consumers and confirm the ability of Saudi national companies to provide high-quality products.” He concluded his speech on the concept of the optimal cup of coffee as it differs from one person to another given the personal nature of the coffee taste and the connoisseur’s. Roast Maestro experts resort to a process called ‘coffee cupping’ in order to assess it professionally in terms of its taste in the mouth while taking into consideration its smell.

The “Roast Maestro” factory aims to build partnerships with key players in the coffee market such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops as well as major retail stores. It also pays great attention to corporate social responsibility by preparing for long-term strategic plans to enhance the concept of community service and consolidate the relationship with its clients in order to contribute to building greater awareness of the coffee market.

“Roast Maestro” plant is located in Yanbu on an area of ​​3360 square meters and produces approximately 1 ton per hour daily. Green coffee beans are supplied directly from farms in Asia and Africa, based on geographical proximity. 90% of these top quality beans will be sterilized in advance, as work is underway in the factory to examine the quality, roasting, filling and packaging the beans using top-notch technologies. The coffee packaging, bearing the Maestro logo, will contribute to enhancing the brand’s position in addition to opening new distribution channels, which is a major qualitative leap for our startup company.



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