RJ increases flying hours allowance for its cabin crew


Agreement with Union for Air Transport and Tourism signed

Amman,  – Royal Jordanian will raise the allowances granted crew members for their flying hours, showing the company’s keenness to improve the wellbeing of the flight attendants and to grant them incentives when they exert further efforts. The move will reflect positively on the service offered passengers on board RJ flights.

RJ President/CEO Stefan Pichler said that increasing the allowance granted to cabin crew members will happen retroactively, starting with October 1, 2019, and that the increase will be given based on the productivity and the number of hours flown by each crew member. The decision was taken to bolster support for this vital and dynamic sector of the company, whose members spend the most extended time with travelers, who RJ holds in great esteem and works hard to honor, care for and serve in the best possible way.

The CEO reaffirmed that RJ is fully committed to applying the rules and regulations of the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission and various other international institutions concerned with regulating the work of international airlines, including that of cabin crew personnel.

Pichler also said that the decision was reached following an agreement signed with the General Union for Air Transport and Tourism, which plays a key role in following up on its members’ affairs. He stressed that the two parties have a history of cooperation and coordination aimed at improving the living conditions of RJ employees, especially in view of the key role RJ plays in connecting Jordan with the world and in reflecting a bright image of the country and of the airline itself to the entire world.

The RJ CEO noted that he is proud of the RJ team that works as one hand to achieve the airline’s goals. He expressed optimism that these efforts will continue, with hard work and dedication, toward meeting the 2020 goals, enhancing the services and products offered to passengers, and be up to the standards expected of it by RJ guests of all nationalities.


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