Restaurant owners-run delivery app GoFood is now live in the UAE


GoFood, the first and only homegrown food delivery app and website run by restaurant owners, is now live and available for download on ioS and Android.

Designed to help restaurants lower delivery costs and manage their expenses and data better, GoFood is directly run by the restaurant owners themselves, and delivery fees go directly to them.

“Restaurants were making a loss on every order through the existing delivery apps. Beyond the fees, during the global pandemic, we realized that they weren’t being good partners by refusing to lower exorbitant commissions. A group of seasoned restaurant operators with over a 100+ years of combined industry experience have, therefore, come together to deliver a solution that supports both restaurant operators and gives the customer an ethical alternative to the current trend,” says Shanavas Mohammed, one of GoFood’s founders and the managing director of Golden Fork Seafood Restaurants.

“Our customers are part of Generation Go. They exude passion for food and their community and are vocal about local. They want to do the right thing and truly make a difference with every food order. With GoFood they will,” he adds.


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