Re-create your children’s favorite dishes together


Involving kids in the kitchen from an early age is a very important step to enable them to have the right foundation when it comes to food and cooking, and make the right food choices as they grow up. Being comfortable in the kitchen also gives kids the confidence to try new dishes, and gives them a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Cooking with their parents gives children a sense of accomplishment once they see the results of preparing and making their favorite meals. This creates a bonding experience among the family, where kids learn the basics of cooking as well as having fun in making a mess and getting their hands dirty with various ingredients to create a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy.

Incentivizing kids to cook with their parents is important so they can discover which healthy foods they like to eat and to get them accustomed to eating home cooked meals, steering them away from fast food. By allowing kids to explore with cooking for themselves, mothers can also pinpoint the kinds of healthy foods they like so they can make different dishes from those ingredients.

Peanut Butter

With this important topic in mind, many companies have tried to cater to this need in the market. Goody, leading Saudi packaged food company, offers a wide variety of quality food products that enable parents and kids to have an enjoyable cooking experience together.

Goody even provides especially formulated products for kids such as Little Chef’s pasta, which is fortified with vitamins and minerals so that kids can enjoy eating their favorite pasta dishes without missing out on the nutritional benefits. With kids’ wild imaginations, the pasta is transformed into cars, planes and trains for them to play with. Children can make creative animal-shaped sandwiches from the natural peanut butter and date spread which makes them eager to decorate and eat them. For family barbecues, Goody provides a variety of flavor station sauces as well as natural ketchup so families can explore different flavors while kids enjoy taking part in grilling with their parents. With these products, Goody enables family bonding over home cooking as an enjoyable experience for kids and parents alike.


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