Puzzles, Problem-Solving And Preteen Adventures! Nickelodeon Series ‘Rock Island Mysteries’ Premieres On OSN And OSN+ This October!

Still Photography on the set of Rock Island Mysteries

Middle East-: Nickelodeon, the number-one entertainment brand for kids is excited to announce the Middle East debut of its brand-new mystery drama comedy series “ROCK ISLAND MYSTERIES” on OSN and OSN+, the region’s leading streaming service for premium entertainment.

Shot on the sun-drenched beaches and jungle-like hinterlands of Australia’s Gold Coast, Rock Island Mysteries follows the adventures of 14-year-old Taylor and her friends as they explore the secrets of the beautiful and mysterious Rock Island. The new teen series is available on OSN+ from October 17th. It premiered on October 16th on OSN and airs every Sunday to Thursday at 06:05 PM KSA / 07:05 PM UAE.

Recently, Nickelodeon, together with OSN, organised a premiere event of the brand-new series at XPark Jr. to a wide audience that was an extravaganza of fun and delight for mystery fans big and small alike. “The premiere event of Rock Island Mysteries was a lot of fun and really caught the attention of the kids. Among the highlights was the treasure hunt, since it broke the ice while also creating a great atmosphere for teamwork,” said Noor & Taym from @prince_taym1.

The event was hosted by Magic Phil and other familiar faces who came to experience the mysteries with their kids, Including  Helen Farmer, Louise Nichol, Dina, and Omar Butti, Virdah Javed Khan, Sandra Sahi, and Lea Makhoul just to name a few.

Featuring a diverse main cast anchored by Australian leads, the series follows the adventures of Taylor Young (Alexa Curtis), a charismatic and energetic leader, and her tight-knit group of friends – Nori Harlow (Noah Akhigbe), Meesha Rai (Inessa Tan), Ellis Grouch (Ryan Yeates) and step-sister Lila Gray (Izellah Connelly) – as they explore the mysteries of the island on which they live, fuelled by Taylor’s fascination with her Uncle Charlie’s disappearance, and determination to find out what happened to him.

Every episode sees the gang tackle a new mystery, spurred on by Taylor’s irrepressible desire to uncover the inexplicable side of the Island and the true whereabouts of Uncle Charlie.

A tight and sometimes chaotic team of contrasting personalities, the gang are all drawn into Taylor’s quests, each member bringing something unique to the mix, be it Nori’s witty and rational practicality, Meesha’s gutsy, never-say-die attitude, Ellis’ book smarts and technical know-how, or sassy Lila’s loyal and sisterly devotion to Taylor.

The series kicks off when Taylor receives a journal from her Uncle Charlie five years after he went missing off the coast of Rock Island. From here on their lives are changed forever as Taylor and her best friends, set off on a race-against-time clue trail around the island, leading them to a fantastic discovery. They use Uncle Charlie’s journal to investigate the island’s secrets, based out of Charlie’s old aircraft, the Bermuda Queen. The five best friends go headfirst into a series of intriguing mysteries and nail-biting adventures through ancient tunnels, lonely islands, and terrifying rainforests, determined to leave no stone unturned.



Taylor, played by Alexa Curtis, is the gang’s determined, charming, and persuasive leader. She is a natural born explorer who is dedicated to solving the island’s mysteries and uncovering what happened to her Uncle Charlie.


Nori, played by Noah Akhigbe, is a bright, wisecracking cynic who uses his brilliant humor to mask his uncertainties about Taylor’s quests.

Nori, Taylor’s best friend and confidante, is the one who keeps everything in check. With his pragmatic attitude and rational solutions to all the mysteries they encounter, he’s constantly on hand, and with his playful, wry sense of humor, he’s often quick to diffuse moments of tension, danger and weirdness.


Meesha, played by Inessa Tan, is a competitive and blunt jock who enjoys being a part of Taylor’s escapades and the training opportunities they offer. She is really athletic and to the point!


Ellis, played by Ryan Yeates, is the “brain” of the friend group, who is book smart and science-minded yet has a phobia of almost everything and would actually jump at his own shadow. While he screams at the sight of a spoon, Ellis has a big heart and would do anything for his buddies… even though he will complain a lot while doing it.


Lila is Taylor’s devoted, dramatic, and sassy stepsister, played by Izellah Connelly. She’s wannabe vlog-star who is always interfering in her sister’s adventures in order to create ‘killer content’ for her YouTube channel, ‘Island Life.’ Lila is an important part of the group who enjoys every adventure, although she is often sidetracked and has a tendency to over-dramatize things.


Emily is Taylor’s mother and Lila’s stepmother, and she is played by Kimberley Joseph. Emily works as a marine biologist at The Poseidon Institute and is a loving mom who is glad to let Taylor explore the island.


Sunny, played by Craig Horner, is Lila’s father and Taylor’s stepfather. Sunny is a cheerful and kind meteorologist who is fascinated by the island’s unusual weather conditions.


Monette Lee plays Meesha’s grandmother, who owns The Milk Shack, a beachside café and a favorite local hangout for the gang. Gillian, who has spent her whole life on the island, is a wealth of local information and is always willing to share island tales with the kids while giving them the tastiest smoothies on the island!


Raquel, played by Annabelle Stephenson, is a suspicious scientist who works at The Poseidon Institute’s covert South Section. The youngsters don’t trust Raquel, but they have no idea that she’s exploring the island’s mysteries for her own reasons.


Taylor’s Uncle Charlie, played by Lucas Linehan, was a dreamer, traveller, and explorer who was born with a deep curiosity about the world and a fierce desire to discover the secrets of Rock Island. Charlie was liked by everyone because he was charming, amusing, and passionate, but they couldn’t comprehend his fascination with the island. Taylor, his elder sister’s kid, was the only one who understood.

Nickelodeon is available on OSN, the region’s leading premium entertainment content company, with most of the content available for streaming on OSN+. 


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