Organic Drip Announces the Launch of the Newest USDA Certified Organic Café in Riyadh


Riyadh, October 30, 2019 — Organic Drip, an American Coffee company, has launched their first shop in Riyadh. Set on a busy bustling street of Al-Sahafa, this coffee shop has the allure of tranquility. Customers can enjoy the serenity and ambiance of the brick walls within the cafe that strongly represent New York City.

With an array of drinks ranging from the V60 to the famous Spanish Latte, they brag about being the first USDA certified organic café. Indeed, their coffee is organic. With a wide variety of cakes, hot and cold drinks, and their deliciously famous bagels, cookies and cupcakes, which are baked on the premises, it was not hard for them to have many positive reviews within the first two days of its soft opening. This weekend will be the grand opening and customers can enjoy watching their sports outdoors or indoors with their friends. This café is for men and women.

On another note, Organic Drip is seeking to host young comics and artists to perform at the café. This is to discover brilliant minds and for them to uncover their future at a faster pace. By providing the venue, young aspiring artists can get a platform for their undiscovered talent. If interested, the owner can be contacted directly at the shop.


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