Orderific: A Revolutionary And Technology-Driven Contactless Ordering System


Dubai, UAE — With a mission to innovate and convert hospitality businesses into Smart Restaurants in just under 5 minutes, Orderific introduces a comprehensive technology for contactless ordering system that is set to change the future of in-house dining in Dubai.
Using a Smart QR code, customers can browse the menu, place the order and seamlessly pay for their meals – all with zero contact service. With the addition of some advanced features, customers can also track the status of their meals in the kitchen, call a waiter in just a click, split the bill and pay using cryptocurrency.
Manoj Kumar, founder of Orderific takes us through the ideation of the technology:
What is Orderific and when did it start?
Orderific started in the middle of the pandemic primarily because of all the changes happening around the world. We started building it for ourselves to address the issues we’re currently facing in terms of how we order our food at that time. Then we started to offer the solution to some of my friends in the industry and we noticed a good reception so we turned it into a proper project which any business establishment can install in just under 5 minutes. Today, we service not just restaurants but 13 business types – from bars and cafes to gyms and supermarkets.
How does contactless ordering work?
With a sophisticated “point and click” QR code, customers can directly access a bespoke visual menu, giving them the power to browse the restaurant’s best selections without disrupting service flow. Customers can then place and customize their orders, earn special offers and pay their bill all in just a few seconds. Not just that – by using this automation, customers can now place their orders even before arriving at the restaurant. As soon as the order is placed, the restaurant is immediately notified – allowing them to prepare the meals seamlessly and deliver the orders in no time. With improved ordering and delivery efficiency, customers are guaranteed to experience the future of in-house dining.
What are the major hospitality pain points Orderific addresses?
Through this technology, we aim to address some major pain points from both restaurant owners and customers.From cutting down wait times and speeding up table turnover rates, restaurant owners are able to streamline their systems while increasing revenues and growing patronage among its consumers.
Can you tell us more about Orderific’s mechanism to pay for meals using cryptocurrency?
The pandemic has demonstrated society’s resilience to cope with change and employ new means for day-to-day living. With a global shift from traditional cash to cryptocurrency, Orderific now introduces a mechanism for paying for meals using cryptocurrency, never straying far from societal and digital advancements to enhance means of living in a time of increased dependency on technology. Above all, this technology benefits both customers and business owners through faster turnover rates and shorter waiting times while increasing both revenue and customer satisfaction in a pledge to maintain existing customers, attract new restaurants, and improve the reputation of Orderific.
How is Orderific set to change the future of dining in Dubai?
Through the vision of innovating the hospitality sector and increasing the proportion of Smart Restaurants within the UAE, Orderific reflects the drive of a nation that aims to innovate, develop and invent new, effective, efficient technologies that improve overall performance of industries. We are on a mission to give small and medium sized businesses the chance to compete on an expansive digital scale, making contactless smart ordering systems a great business asset.


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