Oman Air Ensures Crewmembers & Guests Stay Safe


Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, continues to take careful action to ensure the safety of its crew and guests. The airline has flown a number of flights to bring citizens home, along with cargo-only flights to bring food, commodities and medical supplies to the country. Oman Air stands ready to operate additional flights on an as-needed basis as plans are formulated for an orderly return to scheduled service, at a time to be determined based on guidance from national and international authorities.

In coordination with Ministry of Health, the Public Authority for Civil Aviation and authorities in other countries, Oman Air has always taken extensive safety precautions in every aspect of its operations. Policies and requirements relating to crew and guest safety are continuously reviewed and revised as necessary to protect our crew from COVID-19 and ensure the safety of guests who enter the country, including transit guests who fly on to other destinations.

Oman Air provides crewmembers with all necessary protective equipment, including masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Cabin crew will wear disposable full-body personal protective equipment (PPE), including a mask, face shield and gloves, over their uniforms once the airline resumes regularly scheduled flights.

All crewmembers are regularly updated with the latest information about COVID-19. Considerable care is taken to ensure the crews’ adherence to official safety requirements at all times, to include during flights, on layovers and throughout quarantine periods which are required after their flights.

Crew members who operate flights are closely monitored and quarantined upon arrival in Muscat, as per official directives.

Crew on quarantine who reside in crew accommodations are moved to a designated building and provided with separate flats.

Local crew on quarantine in their homes are monitored by the airline’s welfare team and doctors to ensure their well-being and adherence to the quarantine requirements.

These policies, along with those that may be established in the future to ensure crew and guest safety, are created in accordance with directives from local and international authorities.



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