Oman Air continues cargo-only flights to serve the Sultanate


Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, continues to serve the nation and its valued cargo customers with 8 chartered cargo-only round-trip flights in April.

The airline has flown a total of 5 round-trip flights to the Indian cities of Mumbai and Kochi to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to Oman, along with 3 round-trip flights to Guangzhou, China to collect medical supplies for the Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Health and commercial customers. The flights, using passenger planes’ cargo capacity, have delivered over 190,000 kg of food and supplies to Oman.

Oman Air is prepared to other operate cargo-only flights if they are required, along with any flights that might be needed to bring citizens to Oman.

An Oman Air spokesman said, “We fly to serve the Sultanate, whether we are delivering much-needed food and supplies or bringing people home. As we look forward to returning to scheduled passenger flights when it is safe do so, we are working carefully to help the nation in any way we can.

“Every element of our ongoing operations is conducted with a commitment to ensure the health and well-being of our crew, all of whom have been exceptional in their professionalism and commitment to safety”.




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