Next Door Kitchen’s Healthy Summer Picks


Dubai, UAE: Summer season is here and Next Door Kitchen is offering the best remedies for Dubai’s residents to cool off. It’s a great time to visit and enjoy the lifestyle hotspot’s relaxing atmosphere, delectable food, and refreshing drinks. To stay healthy and hydrated this summer, the home-grown venue presents a selection of delicious options for guests.

Mouth-Watering Chia Pudding:

Guests can kick-off the summer day with fresh Chia Pudding (Dhs50) made of the finest and freshest ingredients that are high in protein. The delicious treat is topped with many fruits such as strawberry, blueberry, banana, coconut, pomegranate, alongside crunchy granola, and creamy coconut milk.

Wholesome Quinoa Salad:

For a light and appetizing dish, choose Next Door Kitchen’s Quinoa Salad (Dhs 60). With fresh mixed leaves, feta, cherry tomato, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, mango, pomegranate, dates, almonds, pistachio, honey mustard dressing, tossed all together with quinoa,  this is a definite crowd favorite.

Healthy Acai Bowl:

Diners can also enjoy a nutritious bowl of Acai (Dhs 55), made of Acai Pure, fresh blueberry, banana, granola, and peanut butter. Do not miss out on a flavorful, light, yet nourishing dish.

Revitalizing Iced Hibiscus Tea:

To cool down from a hot summer day, this is one great alternative to bottled flavored water. Freshen up with one of the healthiest choices. Sip on the thirst-quenching, slightly sweet, and super refreshing Iced Hibiscus Tea (Dhs 30).

Luscious Strawberry Split:

All fruit lovers can savor a freshly-made Strawberry Split (Dhs 35). This blend of strawberry, banana, papaya, cherry, and apple juice is filled with naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients—it is a one-of-a-kind drink.

The perfect place to cool down and hide from the summer heat is located in Dubai Creek Harbour. Friends and families can come by to enjoy the delicious specialties and drinks. Make this summer an unforgettable one with loved ones at Next Door Kitchen.


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