Nassau – Explore Dubai’s New Vegan-Friendly Destination by MasterChef Silvena Rowe



 For those who have taken up a vegan challenge this January or are looking for a new healthy dining option, we have some good news for you. Nassau, by MasterChef extraordinaire, Silvena Rowe is the latest restaurant in the Emirate that boasts diverse Mediterranean flavours

Inspired by the Chef’s European-Arabian heritage, the restaurant reminds you of the abundant coastlines of Southern Europe and the Levant. Embracing her philosophy of healthy eating using fresh produce and superfoods, Nassau is set to elevate the fine dining scene in the UAE

The restaurant offers a host of vegan dishes from Iceberg Wild Green Leaves Salad with Japanese wafu dressing, Vegan Greek Salad, Superfood & Vegan Blue Spirulina Chia and much more , Think vegan, think Nassau


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