Mykonos Bistro.. Small package, Great surprise


Jeddah – Mykonos Bistro, a cozy Greek Mediterranean restaurant taking Jeddah’s food lovers by the storm, Tucked in a corner of one of the busiest streets in town on Quraish Street, we found this hidden gem celebrating the launch of its new menu setup in the presence of many well recognized people from the community, French Consulate, Canadian Consulate and the Greek Consulate and media.

In this beautiful array of authentic flavors brought to town by four amazing chefs all the way from Greece, we found Authentic and stunning dishes that brought something new to the table and quite a unique experience, their shrimp Saganaki, Grilled Tsipura or Greek Souvlaki mixed with their uplifting Greek music will give you an instant feel of summer even as we are knocking at the doors of winter these days in Jeddah.

They always say “Good Things Come in Small Packages” … this quote goes perfectly with the place, from the outside this small bistro catches your eyes, once you step in you are out for a big surprise, starting from the perfect service and the smile of the waiters up to the breathtaking and finger-licking recipes that will give you a unique experience of a new cuisine that was not introduced well enough in Jeddah.

It all started with a vision of the owner of the new restaurants’ chain Mykonos Bistro, Mykonos Kids and soon to open Mykonos Gourmet in addition to being the CEO of Andalusia Medical Group, Dr. Hazem Zagzoug, where he decided to introduce the Greek cuisine as a gesture of introducing a cuisine which is not readily available and would add to the taste palate of people residing in Jeddah. The different locations have their own unique edge, Mykonos kids is a primary kids restaurant with activities related to kids, a place for play dates, birthdays and perhaps even a night out for friends where kids are kept entertained.

After this parade of delicious flavors, aromatic pita and crunchy salads, I cannot skip mentioning the decor of Mykonos Restaurant which is a successful attempt of Greek world charm with its white and blue wood work, mixed with the refreshing Plants and the elegance of the gold detailing brings back memories of walking the narrow streets of the island and the smell of the sea, all more reasons to linger at this truly pleasant atmosphere.

According to the recent Grand opening of Mykonos Bistro- Greek Mediterranean Cuisine, launched its new menu which will be available for public effective 1st November


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