Melly’s, new Chocolate in town just in time for the season! It will leave you wanting Just One More!


Dubai, – : UAE residents are set to enjoy a sweet surprise this festive season with the launched Melly’s chocolates which are ideal for decadent festive treats.

You can indulge your passion for fine chocolates this festive season with Melly’s. Made with the finest, high-quality ingredients, Melly’s offers an assortment of premium handmade chocolates in unique and delicious flavours including Crispy Ruby Chocolate, Chocolate & Hazelnut, Chocolate & Cookie Butter, Crepe Biscuit Roll and Caramel & Chocolate.

Chocolates are expressly created to add pleasure to our lives and these delicious little treats will definitely brighten up the holiday season for you, your friends and family! The chocolates are individually wrapped, which makes it perfect for sharing, and are packed in pouches of different sizes, making it the perfect festive gift for friends, family, and even your own indulgence.

Sourced from Italy, Spain and Belgium, each piece is handmade by talented chefs, down to the last detail, using the highest quality ingredients to guarantee a unique experience for everyone.

“Melly’s inspires passion in each one of us and embodies the desire to push for just one more of the things we love, be it an adventure, a trip, or a good book – anything that indulges our senses and keeps us asking for #justonemore”, said Alma Miri, Group Marketing Manager, Melly’s.

One of the more distinctive offering is the Ruby Chocolate, a rare type of chocolate, the fourth one after dark, milk and white. This chocolate unlocks a dazzling after-taste due to its refreshing berry flavour. It is made from Ruby Cocoa that are grown in unique climate conditions found in Equador, Brazil and Ivory Coast and does not contain any berries or added colourings hence offering a pure, smooth taste of freshness.

Melly’s chocolates are now available at Carrefour, Zoom, Emarat, EPPCO, ENOC, ADNOC and other select stores.


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