Mauritius overcomes Covid-19


Dubai, – : The Coronavirus 2019 pandemic infected the Republic of Mauritius, a tourist paradise. Much like the rest of the world, the Mauritian government along with their rich experiences in handling epidemics as well as the help of the World Health Organization (WHO) that predicted rough estimates of the scale of infection.

On May 11th 2020 Mauritius declared their total recoveries from Covid-2019 pandemic, the Mauritian official Covid-19 page as well as the WHO Covid-19 Mauritius dashboard said 322 people had recovered out of the 332 confirmed cases so far. 10 people have since died.

It is also safe to say that Mauritius reacted successfully to the virus as to minimize its infection, and avoid the worst case scenarios. Mauritius’s success in controlling and stabilizing the coronavirus can, therefore, be explained by the importance attached to this pandemic by the Mauritian authorities. The closure of the borders first for the Asian countries affected by Covid-19 and then for the other countries and the quarantine of Mauritians and residents coming from abroad demonstrates the will to prevent the coronavirus from reaching the coasts of Mauritius. Due to all this proactive approach.

Today, Mauritius is the sole virus free nation in Africa.

As successful as this endeavour maybe, Mauritius note a desire for transparency and continuous communication with daily press conferences of the National Communication Committee of Covid-19 and regular interventions by the Prime Minister.

An application, beSafeMoris, has also been launched for continuous information on the situation and the precautions to be taken.

Soon enough Mauritius will open its doors to international travellers and will take the necessary precautions and more to ensure the safety of their visitors and provide a safe and amazing experience for all to enjoy their stay in this paradise island!

Mauritius cannot wait for its adventurers and visitors, for the time being Don’t Worry We Will Explore Again! #MauritiusUnwavering


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