Mango Menu of Jehangirs in Mankhool Sparkles with Weekly Chef Special Mango Master Class


Jehangirs – a restaurant specializing in modern Mughlai cuisine is presenting a special mango menu packed with flavour and your all-time summer favourite: Mango! The versatility of mango makes it a go-to ingredient for the eclectic delicacies on this specially curated menu.  

The mango menu includes a blend of thick, creamy, smooth Mango Milkshake (AED 24), Aamras Poori (AED 24), a popular mango delicacy from the western Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat served with hot puffed pooris, Aamrakhand (AED 18), a traditional summer delicacy made by combining hung curd & mango purée with saffron. Fresh homemade Indian pistachio ice cream stuffed in Alfanso, Mango Malai Kulfi (AED 21). Relish the succulent and fresh mango flavour along with the velvety texture of the Mango Mousse Cake (AED 26) which is a pleasingly healthy sweet course full of nourishment. 

Master Cooking Class Till Summer Ends

If this isn’t enough, every Tuesday between 4 – 6 pm Jehangirs will hold Mango Master Cooking Class for the aspiring and passionate chefs and home cooks. The class is priced at AED 30 per person which will include: One sharing high tea snacks on the table, tasting portions of Mango desserts and to top it all off, Chefs’ tips on how to make Mango Kulfi and Mango Mousse Cake. 

Quick Deets:

What: Mango Menu + Mango master Cooking Class

When: Starting now! 

Price: AED 30 for the class


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