Lose yourself in some of the most bizarre museums of the world with Hotels.com


Looking for a slightly unconventional holiday? Go off the beaten track with these fantastic destinations handpicked by Hotels.com where you will discover some bizarre museums – featuring mummies, medieval torture and ramen! Trust us when we say you will experience some of the world’s most bizarre museum concepts that are worth travelling for. Choose from this line up of hotels located near these museums and enjoy a very unique day.

Hotel Posada Santa Fe in Guanajuato, Mexico for the Mummy Museum

If you want to spend a day wandering past mummified remains that were formed naturally in the local cemetery, stay at the Hotel Posada Santa Fe in Guanajuato, which is located just a five minute walk away from the eerie Mummy Museum. The hotel is steeped in tradition, and offers stunning colonial facilities for guests. In addition to the Mummy Museum, guests can enjoy Jardin de la Union, not far from the Juarez Theater and the “callejoneadas”, all a short walk away.

Rooms at Hotel Posada Santa Fe in Guanajuato start from AED 296* per room per night*. For bookings, please visit Hotels.com


Charles Bridge Palace, Prague for Museum of Medieval Torture

Visit the Museum of Medieval Torture in Prague and discover gruesome torture devices – bound to give your nightmares. The best way to visit is to stay at the Charles Bridge Palace located in the heart of historic Prague. This unique hotel is full of history and is only two minutes from Charles Bridge and other important sights of the Old Town. What better way to get a peek into medieval history than by staying at a historic hotel?

Rooms at Charles Bridge Palace start from AED 1,280* per room per night*. For bookings, please visit Hotels.com


The Washington Plaza, D.C for the International Spy Museum

Fans of investigative thrillers will enjoy staying at The Washington Plaza, which offers easy access to the International Spy Museum that boasts interactive exhibitions and installations of the foremost collection of spy artifacts in the world. Guests can enjoy boutique accommodation at The Washington Plaza located downtown on Thomas Circle, a few minutes away from other iconic attractions. Class meets elegance at this hotel – and that’s what you will need to get into the Spy Museum!


Rooms at The Washington Plaza start from AED 491* per room per night*. For bookings, please visit Hotels.com


Bayer Stone House, Avanos for Turkey’s Avanos Hair Museum

If being surrounded by human hair is your thing, then a visit to the Avanos Hair Museum in Turkey is a must. It showcases over 16,000 hair samples accompanied by a description of who donated it. Stay at the Bayer Stone House which offers wonderful, old world accommodation that is just a short distance away from the Hair Museum. Stay here and don’t miss the chance to leave a few strands of your own hair behind when you visit the museum.

Rooms at Bayer Stone House start from AED 152* per room per night*. For bookings, please visit Hotels.com


Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel, for the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Ramen lovers will be delighted when they stay at the Shin Yokohama Palace, just a short distance away from the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, which offers a one-stop place to enjoy the flavors of this ubiquitous Japanese dish. Enjoy every possible variety of Ramen at the museum and bullet train access to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka when you stay at Shin Yokohama Palace.

Rooms at Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel start from AED 394* per room per night*. For bookings, please visit Hotels.com





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