Le Burger Introduces New Mystery Burger for Those Who Dare to be Different


Which bun is in the oven? This is a case only experts like Shaggy and Scooby Doo can solve

Dubai, UAE: Just when it seemed like Le Burger had pulled out all the stops with over 2,000 burger combinations and a menu with enough options to be a book, the Austrian burger restaurant has introduced a new mystery burger.

What’s in it, and what is it made of? That’s a mystery only diners can solve. Simply ask a server for the mystery burger (AED49) with the preferred patty- beef, chicken or go vegan with zucchini, popcorn, and chickpea patties- and prepare to be amazed.

One thing is for sure the mystery burger promises to be as wildly delicious as the incredible inhouse sauces- mango curry, rosemary-orange mayo and everyone’s favourite, the wasabi mayo.

For the adventurous eater, curious cat, lover of new things, or simply those looking to cut down on carbs *hint hint*- get ready to sink your teeth into a bounty of flavours from, well, it’s still a mystery.

Le Burger

All that can be revealed is that it’s green and it’s mean, much like the beastly machine it’s named after. For a limited time only, the mystery burger is now available at Le Burger in Mall of the Emirates.

Located in Mall of the Emirates, just next to Ski Dubai, Le Burger’s mystery burger is available for a limited time only- so burger fiends, make your way and promise not to tell anyone once the mystery is solved.

What: Mystery Burger
When: Limited Time only (from 27th February onwards)
Where: Le Burger, Mall of the Emirates


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