Laundryheap Launches Rebrand with an Increase in its Sustainability Practices and Customer-Centric Offerings


Dubai, United Arab Emirates-: Laundryheap, the world’s fastest-growing on-demand laundry and dry cleaning platform, today announced its exciting rebrand, introducing its increased sustainablity measures and customer offerings.

As the business expands in the region, the rebrand reflects Laundryheap’s             evolution      since its inception in 2014 into a purpose-led, customer-centric business with sustainable initiatives at its center.

Laundryheap’s ‘new face’, has received a multi-faceted upgrade of the brand that challenges the current sustainable standards which large businesses should be upheld to. As a part of its rebranding, the laundry service leader has taken measures to improve its laundry practices to be further conscious of the environment and is in line with UAE’s commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions.  Laundryheap now washes clothes at 30C as a step in the right direction, saving a significant amount of energy that would otherwise go towards heating water

In addition, the company has replaced its plastic laundry bags with cotton alternatives, introduced water treatment, and even filters water before it is sent to the sewers. Moreover, Laundryheap now uses central boilers in order to avoid electrically heating every machine so heat can be controlled, and steam can be reused for dryers, dry cleaning, and ironing. 

Being the only 24-hour laundry service in the region, Laundryheap boasts a powerful logistics support team and state-of-the-art routing technology to enable sustainable route optimization. The company uses vehicles with better fuel consumption and regional fencing technology that allows reducing waste in vehicle mileage.

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO & Founder of Laundryheap, said: “We are proud to present Laundryheap’s rebrand, which represents our core beliefs that sustainability, purpose, and customers should be at the heart of every business. We believe every business has the power to build a greener world for its customers and we aim to streamline our efforts towards doing so while ensuring high-quality, trustworthy, and efficient service to our new and existing customers. As the region grows from strength to strength in digital and sustainable advancements, we strive not only to grow with it, but challenge the landscape with innovation as the number one on demand laundry platform.”

In addition to its new sustainable measures, the rebrand also introduces a new visual identity consisting of a redesigned web interface and a logo with bright and vibrant colors which showcases the brand’s mission of simplifying the task of laundry through personalized, trustworthy, and reliable services around the clock. 

Staying true to Laundryheap’s roots, the logo is a modified version of the old one, embodying a sleeker and more human-centered look, achieved by creating softer edges to display an image of a freshly laundered shirt with a heart.


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