La Vache qui rit to Donate Medical Supplies to Support Communities Affected by COVID-19


Saudi Arabia  – In light of the pandemic that is affecting the health and lives of families, and confronting healthcare workers across the globe, La Vache quit rit, one of the world’s most beloved cheese brands, has made a pledge to donate essential medical supplies worth SAR100,000 to support the communities most affected by these unfortunate circumstances across the Kindgom.

“During this unprecedented time, we believe that it is our duty to step up, leverage our global network and join the fight against COVID-19. La Vache qui rit has been a part of the Saudi community’s daily life for nearly 50 years and helping to ensure the well-being of our collective society is of utmost importance to us.”, said Garo Matossian, General Manager, Middle East.

“La Vache qui rit is an iconic brand present all over the world, expressing values of generosity and positive spirit amongst households around the world. We hope that through our international solidarity action, we are able to inspire society to join hands in support during these difficult times”, concluded Mr. Matossian.

This action is part of La Vache qui rit’s international solidarity initiative to fight the global battle against COVID-19. Through this initiative, La Vache qui rit will be donating 1 million Euros – the equivalent of a day’s global production – to over 20 countries worldwide. Over the last few weeks, La Vache qui rit has mobilized their support and made donations across the most affected regions including China, Spain, USA, UK, France, Morocco.

“In this unprecedented pandemic context, we want to wholeheartedly contribute to the collective effort, through the link which binds La Vache qui rit and families everywhere around the world. I commend the courage and commitment of our teams who are relentlessly mobilized as our solidarity relays. Our brand carries the values of generosity and positive spirit that are so important to share with those most in need in these difficult times”, said Antoine Fievet, Group BEL’s CEO.


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