Kerten Hospitality launches their first female-led, purpose-driven Global Gelato Brand: Nakhati


First store opens in Riyadh with Saudi Foodpreneur Eman Fallatah supporting local entrepreneurship as part of Kerten Hospitality’s focus on ESG-based business practices

RIYADH-: With more than 40 projects in development across 12 lifestyle-driven concepts on three continents, Kerten Hospitality’s latest launch is another example of the brand’s strong commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and responsible community-based business practices.

With a flagship store launching in Riyadh this week, Nakhati is a purpose-led gelato brand which in Saudi Arabia will be driven by Saudi female foodpreneur Eman Fallatah. The global franchise-able brand is planned to expand globally led by a local female foodpreneur in each location. Not only does Nakhati make exceptionally tasty, premium handcrafted gelato, it also empowers entrepreneurship. By offering a comprehensive suite of high-quality tools developed to encourage growth and empowerment, Nakhati supports the increasing number of women in the region keen to own their franchise and to launch their own careers in business. The key objective for the brand’s footprint growth is to cascade the key entrepreneurial objectives and support for the local communities across its franchisees globally and plans to support the establishment of 200 outlets by 2024. 

The main force behind Nakhati’s Riyadh store, Fallatah has supported the launch and growth of multiple F&B businesses and projects in Saudi Arabia, including those led by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Higher Education, Almarai, and the Diriyah Gate Biennale. She also mentors young cooks and chefs, and has worked as a food stylist supporting local and international brands entering the Saudi market.

“Sweets and desserts have always been popular with consumers in the region, but typically they were lower quality, imported products,” says Fallatah. “Regional demand is increasing for higher quality, premium products versus low-quality commoditized items, and this is where Nakhati comes in.” Flavours will include traditional popular gelato varieties given a Nakhati twist such as organic roast pistachio, mascarpone with local honey and walnuts, and hazelnut with chocolate rocks, as well as those inspired by Saudi traditions and regions, such as the popular karak tea drink, traditional desserts from the Najd region, and roses from Taif. All combined with traditional Italian techniques, true Italian gelato bases, and only produced with the most state-of-the-art Italian equipment, to produce the best of both worlds.

Commenting on some of the signature serves Fallatah said: “We have been working hard with our key equipment partners to bring some fantastic innovations and firsts for the region. Imagine if you could keep your hands warm while eating gelato………Hot Gelato Buns is all we will give away at this stage.” She also highlights a beverage programme using Nakhati’s exclusive recipes with all products made on site, such as the Vegan Iced Mocha, crafted and packaged in-house using signature vegan dark chocolate gelato.

With consumers these days being savvier about the quality of products, there is also more focus on a healthier lifestyle, and Nakhati’s 50% lower fat content than similar products will appeal to health-conscious consumers, tough not taking anything away from the taste or the experience! The gelato is made fresh daily using a proprietary batching process that enhances the freshness and flavour profile.

“As a female Saudi foodpreneur, I’m excited to be launching Nakhati, a brand that builds collaborations and offers opportunities to help women embark on their own entrepreneurship journeys,” says Fallatah.

The launch is part of Kerten Hospitality’s commitment to ESG-based business practices and is the latest example of the company’s Food & Beverage concepts designed to empower entrepreneurs in the communities in which the brand has a presence, focusing on inclusivity, neighbourhood entrepreneurship, and hiring and developing local talent.


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