Introducing Drink Dry – the Region’s First Premium Non-Alcoholic Drinks Marketplace


The new season is here, and with it comes a fresh new approach to lifestyle and wellness. Many of us have enjoyed a summer of indulgence and are now looking to get back on track, whether for fitness, vanity, health or other reasons. With self-care and mental health currently playing a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives, a multitude of people are now making the switch to a healthier lifestyle and considering their health and wellness, now more than ever before.

With this in mind, one step that can be made to live a little healthier, is by being more conscious of our beverage intake. Whether we want to feel fresher in the morning, keep a clear head throughout days of endless business meetings or find and keep balance and performance for wellness and fitness reasons, the recently launched premium beverage company, Drink Dry is on hand to surprise you with their superb product range, aimed to make the switch utterly seamless. 

Drink Dry is the region’s first premium non-alcoholic drinks marketplace and promises only the best quality beverages available on the market today. Spending over a year sourcing the finest quality drinks, the brand has curated a stunning selection of alcohol-free hops, grape and other drink varieties, of which many are vegan friendly, gluten-free, low-calorie and are halal compliant with 0.0% alcohol.

A Selection of Drink Dry Alcohol-Free Beverages:

Biere des Amis – AED 179 (case of 12)

Biere des Amis is a premium Belgian Blonde Hop crafted according to a traditional recipe of hops with character. What makes this brew so special is the unique process of removing alcohol where a low pressure under vacuum exerted on the beer allows the alcohol to evaporate at a very low temperature while at the same time guaranteeing that the organoleptic qualities of the original hop remain. With only 23 calories, this hop ensures a great structure, harmony and balance.        

Vintense Cuvee Prestige Limited Edition – AED 59

Vintense Prestige is the latest innovation in premium non-alcoholic sparkling grape of superior quality. A 100% Chardonnay grape variety is used to make this gently sparkling and refreshing drink, offering a dry and intense taste. With its premium packaging, Vintense Prestige offers both great quality and value and with just 14 calories per glass, this is certainly a drink you can say ‘Cheers’ to!

Sea Arch Sea & T Original – AED 78 / WAS AED 90 (box of 6)

Bursting with seaside botanicals, this Sea & T is both flavoursome and convenient in a ‘ready to drink’ can. Simply snap it open and serve over ice and a slice of lemon. Low calorie and vegan friendly, this Juniper blend is made with a lightly carbonated Indian tonic.

Natureo White – AED 35

Familia Torres pioneered the Zero Alcohol Revolution in 2008 with Natureo, breaking taboos and perceptions with a 0.0% grape beverage made from the family’s vineyards in Catalunya, Spain. Pale yellow in colour, the grape offers delicate floral and fruit aromas and is soft and lightly effervescent on the palate with an exquisite citrusy finish. This alcohol-free grape is the perfect aperitif and works with all kinds of fish, seafood and rice dishes.

Natureo Red – AED 35

Perfect with pasta, roasts and wild game, the Natureo Garnacha Syrah Grape beverage from the Familia Torres is a dark cherry red, intense with exquisite fruit aromas from blackberry and a touch of clove spice. It is soft, supple and delicious on the palate.

Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn – AED 105

This rich, decadent and bold botanical is beautifully balanced and offers the perfect, relaxing evening drink. This award-winning beverage is delicious paired with tonic and an orange twist and will appeal to anyone who enjoys warming and pungent botanicals, bittersweet orange or a subtle, spicy flavours. It is also sugar and gluten free and vegan friendly.

Erika Blazeviciute Doyle, Founder and Managing Director of Drink Dry says, “We launched Drink Dry less than a year ago and the reception we have received thus far from our customers has been nothing short of incredible. We pride ourselves on  sourcing only the very best the Zero Alcohol Category has to offer worldwide and are very much trusted by our customers so whenever we launch a new drink into the market, our tribe of Dry Drinkers come in full force to try it out. There is a hundred and one different reasons why people decide to make the switch from traditional adults drinks to our premium non alcoholic range and it is my job to ensure we deliver on our promise of top quality and taste. Cheers to the Zero Alcohol Revolution!’

You can view this selection and much more by visiting the Drink Dry online store In addition, stay updated via their social media channel @drinkdrystore.

 Drink Dry delivers UAE wide with free home delivery on purchases over AED 330. Same day delivery is also available upon ordering before 12:00pm, excluding Fridays. 

Whatever your motivation, there is a satisfying solution waiting for you at Drink Dry.


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